The Bishop Speaks

Bishop Louis Vezelis O.F.M.

Nothing is more outrageous to an honest man than to be confronted with an outright, bald-faced lie. Because we are spirits in fragile earthly vessels, we not infrequently become the victims of unscrupulous exploiters of our trust. Once we have been deceived to the point of frustration, there are generally two alternatives that are chosen: The first alternative is to recede into a shell of skepticism. We begin to doubt everything.

But we know that we cannot live in perpetual doubt. Nothing is more discomforting and anxiety producing than a mental state of doubt. What is the answer, then? This is the basis for the psychological conditioning vulgarly called "brain washing". A more sophisticated term for this same procedure is called "cognitive dissonance". The mind cannot lie to itself.

The second alternative is to abandon all right reason and blindly, uncritically, follow whatever a perceived "leader" says. This is the condition of most of those who call themselves "Traditionalist Catholics."

Few choose the only alternative that is worthy of intelligent creatures: To patiently weigh all the arguments and intelligently unite oneself with an authority that genuinely represents the doctrine and discipline of the Church. If all those "traditionalists" did this, they would not hypocritically whine about "lack of unity," etc. The true Church, small as it may be, is never lacking in right ordered unity. That is why the true Church is the Church of Obedience. Whereas all the others are properly called "the Church of Disobedience."

No matter how much pressure is exerted upon the intellect by the will, the intellect cannot accept a lie. When the intellect is forced to lie, it knows that it is lying. It matters little how many people are led to believe the lie, the liar knows. But, the liar is not interested in truth; he is only interested in achieving his purpose.

As for the victims of the liars, when cognitive dissonance occurs, a choice must be made. What happens? The mind sees the contradiction. It cannot ignore it for long. Either the mind follows through to the logical conclusion and accepts the consequences of the truth, or (and this is what most heretics do) it deliberately hides the truth with some poor excuse.

This is the case with all those modern day heretics on the extreme right side of truth as well as those of the extreme left. `Rightists' and `Leftists' are always right or left of center. And, it is an axiom of theology that `virtue lies in the middle'. They will refuse to hear the truth because the truth requires a painful choice.

The Roman Catholic Church must always be on the side of truth _ no matter what the consequences. Worshipping the Father "in spirit and truth" is what Jesus Christ was murdered for. The Talmudic Pharisees perceived in Him a real threat to their political-religious ambitions. They were the liars; Jesus was the truth.

It is better to die for the truth than to live in error. And so, the calendar of saints in the Roman Catholic Church is drenched with the blood of martyrs _ witnesses to the truth. Even that poor pagan, Pontius Pilot, could not deny the truth. He recognized the truth; but his perception of values forced him to go against the truth. In frustration, he asked Jesus: "What is truth?"

The truth was that the Pharisees had used political pressure to force their perverse will against a civil authority whose obligation was to mete out justice. Pontius Pilot was no fool. He knew that upholding the truth would cost him not only his political career, but most likely his own life.

We have many today who fit the character of Pontius Pilot. Among them can be singled out once-Catholic Benedictine monk Rembert C. Weakland , who is now usurping the cathedra of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In the May 18,2000 issue of the Milwaukee "Catholic Herald" (a classic example of a neo-Protestant periodical), Weakland urges what is left of the near-extinct Catholic faith of the people to go even further in their transition from Catholicism to Talmudism.

The article is entitled "Herald of Hope". It is introduced by someone of the staff promoting the by-now common lie of "six million Jews who died during the Holocaust".

The occasion for this fawning display of reprehensible servitude to liars, Weakland had been given an award by his new masters, the Rabbis, for "his plea last fall for forgiveness for Catholic's anti-Semitism".

What should be more appropriately styled "Weakland's embracing of Anti-Christ" is now, in true Orwellian fashion vice turned virtue.

All this fits in well with the subject matter being treated here, namely, the infamous "Star of David" which is not even recognized by Jews to be just that. Symbols stand for ideas. They identify members of particular ideologies. For us Catholics, the crucifix is among the most significant symbols because it represents and reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus for truth and obedience to the truth.

Jesus was "obedient unto death, even unto death on the cross" as St. Paul points out. Now, Weakland is abusing the Catholic pulpit by preaching lies from that sacred place. The real crucifixion of Jesus Christ is now being replaced by the fictitious `death' of "six million Jews". The Son of God in Whose Name alone mankind can be saved is now replaced by a new Redeemer and Messiah: the Khazar nation and its Talmudic religion!

Weakland would have all the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee humble themselves and confess their grave sin against a new god: the so-called `Jew'!

However, like the pagan star of the queen of lust, Astarte, there is no such god other than that created in the craven lunatic imagination of demonic deceivers.

One is reminded of the words above the entrance to hell in Dante's Inferno: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! This is the kind of sign that should be placed over the door of Rembert Weakland. Like the evil master whom he seeks to please, Weakland fancies himself as a "Herald of Hope" as he urges his herd of Milwaukee goats to cross Wojtyla's "threshold of hope".

"The Star of David is not of Jewish origin _ and the ancient Israelites never used it as their religious symbol" (M.Hirsch Goldberg, The Jewish Connection). This same author states in his book"

"Perhaps most ironic, the very sign of the Jew in today's world _ the six-pointed Star of David _ is not really the historic symbol of Jewry, nor was it used as a religious sign by the Israelites. It became the emblem of the Jewish people in 1897, when the Zionist Conference convened by Theodor Herzl chose it as the insignia of their movement. But even though each of the Twelve Tribes in the Land of Israel had its own symbol, not one tribe used the Star of David..

"Construction workers apparently were digging in Ramle which is a town near Tel Aviv in Israel and they found the six-pointed star imbedded into a mosaic floor which was about 1,200 years old. However, it was established that the floor was Moslem, not Jewish"(M. Hirsch Goldberg, The Jewish Connection).

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states that the six-pointed star is of ancient origin according to the Rosicrucians, and that it was known to the ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese and Peruvians. (cfr. Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, pp.506-507).

We know that our ancestors, the original twelve tribes, were taken into captivity to Egypt. It was from Egypt that Moses led our people into the desert. It is also very significant that the Acts of the Apostles written by St.Luke recounts the denunciation of the Talmudic Pharisees because of their infidelity to the true faith. St. Stephen, the protomartyr denounced the temple high priests for their apostasy. He also condemned them by pointing out that their new religion was the ancient religion of pagan Egypt: "Yea , ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of your god Rempham, figures which ye made to worship…" (Acts 7, 43).

This star was taken into the wilderness by some of the Hebrews who had adopted the pagan religion of the Egyptians.

We find the prophet Amos inveighing against these Hebrew apostates: "Did you bring unto Me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel? So shall you take up Siccuth your king and Chiun your images, the star of your god which you made to yourselves. Therefore will I cause you to go into captivity beyond Damascus, saith He, whose name is the Lord God of hosts" (Amos, 5, 25-26).

The six-pointed star is listed in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia as appearing in the following:

"on an Arabic amulet; in Byzantine magic texts; in medieval books of magic as a pentagraph; in German folklore; in the relics of the Templars: as the `stone of the wise'; in alchemy: as the stone-mason's sign (but in a somewhat different form); in the coat of arms of the Freemasons: as the `Order of the Seal of Solomon,' in Abyssinia (from 1874 on); in old town hall of Vienna; on or in Churches at Aquileia, Brandenburg, Stendal, Hanover, Luneburg, and Bad Gastein; in South Germany it was put on the signboards of taverns by the Pythagoreans to tell their comrades they had found hospitality at that tavern while on a begging tour."

Note well what this same source (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia) says: "It is only in Jewish sources that the interlaced triangles are called the `Shield of David,' as non-Jewish sources call the symbol the `Seal of Solomon.'"

What do we find prominently displayed in every bookstore today? We find the Cabala _ the book of `Jewish' mysticism. What do we find more and more influencing world governments? Sound moral judgments? We can only wish! No, we find more and more rabbinical influences based on the Cabala!

Isaac Luria, a Cabalist (1533-72) wrote: "one man could be master of the terrestrial world." The Jewish Encyclopedia edited by Israel Singer states: "The writing of amulets, conjuration of devils, mystic jugglery with numbers and letters increased as the influence of this school spread."

A school was founded in Italy in the sixteenth century and the Hasidim took up Luria's teachings and made them into a system. Any opposition against this demonic mysticism was silenced.

The present day Rabbis are steeped in the Cabala and not the Torah. The Torah (the first 5 books of the Old Testament) plays very little role in the doctrines and practices of modern "Jews". The Rabbis teach the Talmud, not the Torah. In this way they fool the Christians into believing that there is some similarity between them and the Christian. When, in fact, the truth is quite different. The Talmud is steeped in the Cabala.

Astrology is from the Cabala and Zohar. In the days of Cain who killed his brother Abel, astrology was rampant. It was condemned in the Bible (cfr. Deuteronomy 18, 9-12). Most people do not realize the danger they court when they involve themselves with horoscopes and psychics. Most "Jews" are unaware of the danger they are in when following the Talmud (which must not be confused with the Torah).

In the next installment on the six-pointed star, we will see that it is the symbol of all that is occult.

Presently, let us consider a bit further the implications of the ideological positions taken by men like Rembert Weakland and Karol Wojtyla.

It would be more honorable for men like Weakland and Wojtyla to keep reminding the world of decent people of the true genocide and holocausts which they so carefully hide from public view. It was the Jewish Communists who murdered and sent European Catholics to slave labor camps all over Siberia. It was the Jewish Communists who starved to death over 6 million Ukrainians. It was Jewish Communists who tortured Lithuanian patriots and executed them. These murderers are now living in "Israel" where they fled when Russian tanks moved out of Vilnius, Lithuania. They are supported by American tax dollars.

There is one wish that ought to be expressed and honored by Rembert Weakland. It is this: Sir, with all your wonderful `compassion' for the "Jewish community," would it be possible for you to take a moment to reflect on objective truth? That is, if you have not been so corrupted by the false mysticism of the Cabala.

First of all, please stop offending those who know the truth and origins of these people you keep calling "Jews" and "Semites". Have you no respect for genuine history? Even their own people have clearly revealed the true origin of those who call themselves "Jews" and are not. They are not Semites because WE are the Semites. Arabs are Semites and you and your ilk would have us side against them for the sake of the robbers who have stolen their land. Will this farce ever be ended _ before the Second Coming of Christ, that is?

There is only one feeble and faint consolation for honest historians whose dedication to the truth may never be known to the world. It is this: There is a God! This God is Truth itself. And, in the course of this creation, and amid all the lies and deceit that destroy nations and souls, it is God alone Who knows the truth. And those who are of God know and love the truth.

But, let us hear what a former "Jew" has to say concerning all the things that Weakland and his masters would have us believe.

In a lecture given in 1961 before an audience of American patriots, Mr. Benjamin H. Freedman said:

"Do you know what Jews do on the Day of Atonement, that you think is so sacred to them? I was one of them. This is not hearsay. I'm not here to be a rabble-rouser. I'm here to give you the facts. When, on the Day of Atonement, you walk into a synagogue, you stand up for the very first prayer that you recite. It is the only prayer for which you stand. You repeat three times a short prayer called the Kol Nidre. In that prayer, you enter into an agreement with God Almighty that any oath, vow, or pledge that you may make during the next twelve months shall be null and void. The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force or effect. And further, the Talmud teaches that whenever you take an oath, vow, or pledge, you are to remember the Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and you are exempted from fulfilling them. How much can you depend on their loyalty? You can depend upon their loyalty as much as the Germans depended upon it in 1916. We are going to suffer the same fate as Germany suffered, and for the same reason."

That this is not an idle conjecture may be seen by the typical conduct of Communists in Russia when making treaties. The late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote:

"When the Soviets testify to their peace aims and bring testimonials of their peaceful character from their satellite nations, it is reasonable to look back into their past and study whether they kept their promise of "peaceful coexistence,' or used it to pillage nations, prostitute people, tyrannize minority groups, and confiscate the productive machinery of various countries."

Bishop Sheen then goes on to list at least fifteen examples of this "coexistence" where the Jewish Communists made promises and just as quickly broke them. They made treaties to distract and disarm what was called the "free world" while they planned and executed their true purposes. Then, they turned around and accused the Germans and blamed them for the deeds they (the Communists) had done.

Let us look at only one example that is close to home:

In 1933 an agreement was made between President Roosevelt and Litvinoff (representing Soviet Russia). This agreement promised that Russia would not organize Communist parties or groups, or use American citizens to foster overthrow of the American government.

One year later (1934) Soviet Russia organized the Communist cell in America to infiltrate the government up to the second level of its authority.

Shall we look at another example? In 1920, the Lithuanian non-agression pact with the Soviets was signed. In 1940, the Soviets annexed Lithuania.

For all those Polish Catholics who just love their Jewish "Pope": In 1929, the Soviets renounced war in a protocol with Poland. In 1939 these same Soviets attacked Eastern Poland. How many Americans remember this? Almost none. But, they are never allowed to forget that Germany declared war on Poland and invaded Poland in 1939 while the British sat by waiting for Poland to be snuffed out. How many know that at the same time Jewish Communism had massed troops on the Eastern border ready to strike Poland?

Perhaps some genuine, objective Polish patriots might remember this _ if any of them are still alive.

Mr. Benjamin Freedman embraced Roman Catholicism after breaking with the Jewish Communist organizations in 1946. He spent the rest of his life trying to awaken the world to the true nature of Communism and its present label "Democracy."

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