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As September and the new school year begin, many parents are faced with updating their children's medical records so that they can enter the school system. Besides physical examinations, many states have laws that require children to be vaccinated against various contagious diseases.

Parents are often told, by school nurses or doctors, that their children have to be immunized or else they cannot attend school. Tragically, most parents never give it a second thought and simply take their children to the doctor and get the vaccines. Like so many other things in this world most people never stop to ask: "Why?" Why does my child need to be immunized?

The "National Vaccine Information Center"(NVIC) ( gives eight questions parents should ask before they vaccinate.

1. Is my child sick right now?

2. Has my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before?

3. Does my child have a personal or family history of:

vaccine reactions

convulsions or neurological disorders

severe allergies

immune system disorders

4. Do I know if my child is at high risk of reacting?

5. Do I have full information on the vaccine's side effects?

6. Do I know how to identify a vaccine reaction?

7. Do I know how to report a vaccine reaction?

8. Do I know the vaccine manufacturer's name and lot number?

Most of us never stop to ask what are the side effects of the medication that our doctors prescribe, so it becomes understandable that we never give a second thought about possible side effects of vaccines. It's understandable, but not excusable.

"Vaccination is a medical procedure which carries a risk of injury or death. As a parent, it is your responsibility to become educated about the benefits and risks of vaccines in order to make the most informed, responsible vaccination decisions." (NVIC)

Every doctor is required by law to provide patients (or the patient's parents) with vaccine benefit / risk information materials before giving a vaccine. As good Catholic parents, it is our duty to read and understand these "benefit / risk" materials before subjecting our children to them.

We have become a generation of specialized cogs unwilling to see the bigger machine of which we are a part. We naïvely believe that if we are good cogs and do our best others will do their best and all will work well. It is sometimes difficult to believe that not every one is interested in the big machine working well, and some are even evil enough to actively set out to destroy it.

It is difficult for us to believe that doctors would give us medications that can harm us. We never stop to ask if the doctor is a moral man or not. We never stop to ask if the doctor is under any kind of pressure to give us certain things whether he wishes to or not. We never stop to ask why he prescribes this drug or that drug, or even if we need a drug at all.

The same applies to almost every aspect of our lives. We don't try to understand what the doctor does for us. We don't try to understand what the mechanic does to our vehicle. We don't try to understand what the politician does to our government. And worst of all we don't try to understand what the "clerics" have done to our religion. We just pay them, hope they did a good job, and go our own lazy naïve little way. What a wonderful Communistic/Democratic society we have become.

It is time for all Catholics to wake up and start thinking. What are we doing? Why are we doing it? We were put here on this earth for a very specific purpose, and God gave us laws to direct us how we are to live our lives while we are here.

One of those laws states very clearly: "Thou shall not kill". We know from our Catechism that this means that we must take reasonable care of our health and the health of those God has entrusted to us. It would be foolish for us to think like the Talmudist that as long as we only give the consent and don't actually administer the physical harm or death, then we are not responsible. God placed children in the care of parents, not doctors or anyone else. He gave every child specific parents and commanded those parents to watch over His children. Those parents will have to answer to Him for all they have done with those children of His. Those who give consent and/or authorize the harming of these precious gifts from God are just as guilty as those who do the actual harming.

What can we say on judgment day? "I didn't know any better." "I trusted the doctor." Or will we be forced to own up to the truth, that we were too lazy and never bothered to find out, and therefore were not diligent in fulfilling our divinely appointed duties. We all too often forget that we will be held accountable for sins of omission too.

"CBS News" (9-10-00) carried an article which brought to light many things we as parents have been overlooking or just plain ignoring hoping that it will never happen to us. "Right now most children receive 33 doses of 10 different vaccines before they reach age 5 for everything from childhood diseases like chicken pox to adult diseases like hepatitis B."

Most people believe with Dr. Mary Megson, a pediatrician with the Medical College of Virginia, who is quoted as saying, "More lives have been saved in this century because of vaccines than of any other medical intervention." (CBS News)

But there are a growing number of people who are beginning to question the value of such vaccines when the side effects are brought into the picture. The "CBS News" article quotes Paul and Linda Mulhauser as an example. "They say their son Stephen, now 18, autistic and severely disabled, was a healthy baby until he received his second DPT shot." Paul Mulhauser said, "Within about two to three hours after the vaccine he began screaming a very high-pitched scream. It went on for, like, nine hours."

People like the Mulhausers are raising many questions about vaccines. "They want to know why in the past 20 years childhood cases of asthma have jumped 100 percent, juvenile diabetes 200 percent and autism as much as 500 percent."

The government and most doctors (controlled by the AMA) continue to say that there is "no proven link between vaccines and disabilities like autism, but even some doctors who support immunization believe there are children predisposed to disorders that might be triggered by vaccination." Dr. Megson is quoted as saying, "Remember: When you give a vaccine, you're injecting something into a healthy child. You better make darn sure we're not doing any harm with that intervention." (CBS News)

The "National Vaccine Information Center" ( gives many tragic examples of children who have had terrible reactions to vaccines, from mental retardation to paralysis and even death. For information on reactions to all age groups there is even a searchable database online ( which gives a searchable listing of adverse vaccine reactions.

Dr. Viera Scheibner, researcher and Doctor of Science from Australia travels around the world trying to educate people about the dangers of vaccines. Dr. Scheibner and her husband Leif Karlsson constructed a respiratory monitor to monitor the breathing of infants. Very often they recorded children's breathing showed stress, interruption, or stopped. "After a couple of months, some 30 alarms had been reported that could be correlated with stress, incubation time, sickness, and vaccination. This perplexed the doctor, who contacted pediatricians in Australia about it but were met, at best, with icy silence." Dr. Scheibner "wanted to produce evidence that would hold up under scientific examination, so Leif hooked a printer up to the respiratory monitor. They showed the printouts to pediatricians, who could not explain the 6 to 26 second interruptions in breathing that appeared in connection with the DPT vaccination given for diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus." (

The doctor began an investigation in the medical library to see if anyone else knew this. "To date, she has studied over 60,000 pages of medical articles and documents dating from the turn of the century to the present day. But Dr. Scheibner could not find proof anywhere that vaccinations had any positive effect, but rather the reverse."

According to the Swedish Pharmaceutical Department the contents of vaccines "vary depending on the particular vaccine, but generally speaking they consist of the following:

· tissue fixing liquid, can be salt- or sugar-soluble depending on what the active material has been cultivated in;

· killed virus or bacteria, can include parts of the substance in which the vaccine has been cultivated;

· thiomersal, a preservative containing organic mercury;

· aluminum substance, makes the vaccine white and thick, functions as carrier of the active agent;

· formaldehyde (in past times, formaline) to weaken the active constituents.

Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic and carcinogenic substance. Despite this being a matter of extremely small amounts, there is, according to the poison center in Australia, no safe level when it comes to injections."

According to Dr. Scheibner, "One of the problems with vaccination of children is that these toxic disease-inducing substances are given in standard doses. Every person's immune system is unique. Among the vaccinations included in the child vaccination program are measles, whooping cough, German measles, and mumps. Dr. Scheibner believes that these childhood diseases should not be combated; on the contrary, they stimulate the immune system and are important in children's development. Respiratory physicians in Australia state furthermore that whooping cough provides protection against asthma. Dr. Scheibner personally knows children who have been cured of asthma after an outbreak of whooping cough.

"Vaccinations for whooping cough in Sweden ended in 1979 because of several deaths among vaccinated children. Here in the US the Amish, who abstain from vaccination on religious grounds between 1970 and 1988 did not have a single case of measles, and the vaccinated population reported only a couple of cases during the same period. In 1989, eight cases of measles were reported among the Amish, while at the same time the incidence of measles in the vaccinated population increased as well. There are many examples of similar incidents which show that vaccination does not protect the population against outbreaks of disease.

"No one wants to have polio, and to be on the safe side they vaccinate their children. The first immunizing vaccine was tested on 1.1 million children. Shortly afterwards, an epidemic of virulent polio broke out among the children's relatives and friends, the so-called Cutter incident. Cutter was the name of the company that produced the vaccine. They were made scapegoats and charged with, among other things, careless management. The disease was also redefined. Classic polio: paralysis that resolves after 60 days. New polio: paralysis lingering after 60 days. In this way 90% of all cases of polio disappeared. When a vaccinated child got polio, according to Dr. Scheibner it was called something else.

"According to the encyclopedia it was Doctor Edward Jenner who was given the epithet of the father of vaccination. He injected material from sick cows and horses into human beings to immunize them against smallpox.

"After vaccination was carried out in all of western Europe, the population was stricken with smallpox epidemics; in Germany 96% of those who got sick had been vaccinated. Adherents of vaccination, on the contrary, maintain that it is thanks to vaccinations that we are spared those great epidemics that used to plague humanity. Those who are critical of vaccination maintain that with all epidemics there are rises and falls, that a natural immunization takes effect afterwards and that a combination of good hygiene, nutrition and improved living conditions have in large part eliminated the base for the spread of disease. In those cases where advocates of vaccination assert that it is vaccination that accounts for the decreased incidence of disease, critics of vaccination assert that about 90% of the decrease in frequency of death (between 1860 and 1965) came about before the introduction of antibiotics and vaccine. Why give vaccinations if they don't do any good? The critics say that vaccination is an industry worth billions. There is too much money involved to stop now." (

Just to emphasize how unthinking we have become: When I wished to take a few courses at the University of Rochester several years ago, I was asked to provide proof of vaccination. I dutifully sent home and got proof of having received my childhood vaccinations. I presented them to the nurse and was then informed that I needed to have some of them updated. I then asked the dreaded question, Why? And I was told that the immunization wears down after a period of time and I need to have a booster shot to guarantee immunization. This didn't fit the ideas and concepts that I remembered from simple science in high school. I was under the impression that immunization is for life. So the poor nurse who had to put up with me told me simply these were the rules. And the only way to avoid getting the vaccinations was to state that I had religious objections. I went home, and remembering that I have relatives who have had side effects from childhood vaccinations, It was logical that I too might have reactions to some vaccinations. Considering the fifth commandment in this context: I was healthy; vaccinations may be harmful; there was no reason for me to risk my health and life. Therefore on religious grounds I could conscientiously object to receiving the vaccinations. I wrote out a document signed it and had the Bishop sign it and sent it in.

I was notified that I must go in to speak with a nurse about the consequences of my not receiving the vaccines. I was told that if there is an outbreak of German measles on campus that I would be suspect of being a carrier and would be barred from campus. The nurse was shocked when I said, "That sounds great! If there is an outbreak on campus, I don't want to be anywhere around." She continued to try to explain to me how serious this was and that really I should just get the vaccines. Finally I asked her, "If the vaccinations work and I am the only one on campus who has not been vaccinated then logically I am the only one who could contract German measles. If there is ever an outbreak on campus, as you suggested might occur because of my not getting immunized, then I must logically conclude that the vaccinations do not provide immunity for all those who received them." If the vaccinations don't provide immunity then we should not be injecting useless or perhaps even harmful substances into our bodies. She had nothing further to say and signed and a document and had me sign also, that I was informed and agreed to accept being barred from campus if there is ever an outbreak of any of the diseases that I was not immunized against.

These all appear to be simple logical questions that everyone should be asking, but apparently very few take the time or even care to find out the answers. We should not be opposed to all doctors or medicines but, we should be informed patients. We were not placed here on this earth to be (goy) dumb cattle, or just expendable cogs in a machine. We are Roman Catholic human beings made in the image and likeness of God, with a free will and an intellect to guide our own destinies. We will have to give an account, at the end of our lives, for the use or non-use we have made of the talents He has given us. Let us not hang our heads in shame and say, "Here Lord is the intelligence You have given me. I buried it in the ground and never used it when I should have."

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