The Bishop Speaks

Bishop Louis Vezelis O.F.M.

Among the first signs that something was drastically amiss in the Western world was when serious writers began referring to "neo-paganism" erupting in every Christian country.

"Neo-paganism" does not mean something new. It means the return to those practices that were once common before Catholicism brought people out of their darkness into the divine light of God through Jesus Christ.

Most people have a very vague idea of what "paganism" is. Its meaning is like a rubber band: It stretches or contracts depending on who uses it. For some, "pagan" means anybody who is not a Christian; while for others it means anyone who is irreligious.

However, if we were to examine the nature of "paganism" as separated from all the accidental elements that constitute so many shapes and forms, we will find that "paganism" is nothing more than plain old pride.

And, if we follow the trail of pride to its source, we discover that it begins in heaven among the incorporeal angels. It goes all the way back to the highest of the angels, Lucifer.

The reader may wonder: "What does the six-pointed star have to do with Lucifer and the angels?" And the answer is this: ALL THE MISERY IN THE WORLD ORIGINATES IN THAT REALM OF THE PURE SPIRITS.

That is correct. Every false religion finds its origin in Lucifer, the archangel whose act of disobedience to God cast him and his followers down to earth.

Our mental focus must be directed to this point without being distracted by incidentals and accidentals. We come here at the cross roads that separate the children of God and the children of Satan. Does this sound coarse and cruel? Life is real and life is earnest. The grave is not its goal. "Dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return" was not spoken of the soul. Be assured that every thinking person knows this to be true by the light of natural reason alone. What makes the difference among people is their interpretation of this fact of existence. Here is where we encounter as many opinions as people thinking them. The Latins have a saying: "Tot sententia quot capita" (There are as many opinions as there are heads).

Before going any further, let us begin by explaining what "paganism" is. Paganism is nothing more than disordered self-love.

This is the essence of "paganism". From this disordered self-love flow all the various "isms" that have infected the world since that cosmic battle of wills in heaven. Archeologists look for fossils and other artifacts of the past. They find that some kind of violence has befallen the world. They are aware of the great disorder that has left its mark on the face of the earth. They see all this, but they just don't seem able to draw the logical conclusion: That some intelligent force has disturbed the right order of all creation.

Here is where the division begins: the division between the "Children of light" and the "Children of darkness'.

Who are the "Children of light" and who are the "Children of darkness"? The "Children of light" are all those who have been given the grace of true faith, whether in the time before Christ or in the time after Christ. They are the Children of light who have accepted that grace of faith and have lived by it.

The "Children of darkness" are all those who have been given the grace of the true faith but have rejected it in favor of their own distorted imaginings suggested by their disordered passions and emotions.

The "Children of light" follow right reason enlightened by supernatural grace; the "Children of darkness" follow natural reason crippled by pride.

Yet, no one can live without God. All those who abandoned the true revelations of God have fallen into idolatry. That is to say, they have fashioned gods according to their own image and likeness. Whereas God has made man according to His image and likeness.

"Judaism" (Which is a misnomer) existed long before Jacob whose name was changed by God to "Israel" and long before his fourth son, Juda, was born. "Judaism" is the epitome of Satanism and its social organization as a "satanocracy". It is the religion of the Antichrist par excellence because it has Satan for its Founder.

This will certainly shock many present-day "trance-formed" Catholics and not a few Protestants. But, the intelligent Protestant already knows that his religion is not Christian because so many high-ranking Pastors are Freemasons and consequently, worshippers of Lucifer.

Keep in mind that those who hold the highest places in governments around the world are either all Freemasons or pressured to implement the principles of Freemasonry. Also, have no doubt that Freemasonry is a religion that worships Lucifer. Freemasonry is the child of Talmudism, and, therefore, Freemasonry will reflect the ideology of the Talmudist ("Jew"). Lest anyone become squeamish and react according to his conditioned reflex, let it be said that there is no malice or hatred involved in bringing these facts into the open. What is written here is easily found in the writing of these adherents of Lucifer. These facts are only hidden from public view because those involved in this devil-worship know that ordinary people are generally decent and there would be a universal outcry against these Luciferians if the truth were known.

This is the reason why there is such a rigid and determined censorship of the truth. Lies must be made to appear as the truth; and the truth must appear as a lie in order to deceive the people.

Some of the occult practices that go on in "civilized" countries would shock even the bravest heart. Such practices were routine in those horrible places of torture where the Communists were free to exercise their satanically sadistic impulses. Normal human beings were driven mad by their tormentors to the point of seeking death to escape the inhuman pain inflicted on them. And where are these tormentors today? Most of them have escaped to "Israel"!

When the Freemason speaks of "Solomon's temple" and any other reference to Solomon, he is referring to Solomon after his abandoning of the true religion and giving himself over to demon worship. The "temple of Solomon" is the temple dedicated to Satan. These means, then, that worship of these demon deities is very much alive.

In his book The Sorcerer's Handbook Wade Baskin speaks of the Seal of Solomon. He tells of Solomon's being given control over the spirits that inhabit the region between heaven and earth. In this book is described in detail "Solomon's Triangle" and what it represents. In this book is to be found confirmation that the six-pointed star was called Solomon's Seal, the resplendent star of the Macrocosm and defines it as the "most simple and complete abridgement of the `science of all things.'" It also explains the magical dogma of its three-in-one concept not unlike the Trinity.

Elizabeth Goldsmith points out in her book Ancient Pagan Symbols that the hexagram is called Solomon's Seal and not David's shield. She writes:

"The triangle, the geometrical emblem of three things, one above two, the two lower uniting to produce the higher, or the union of the positive and negative forces to produce the third, is the most complex and mystical as it is the most uncompromising of all symbols….. Three has been called the very soul of magic, astrology and divination." This can be found in her book on page 150.

The Hindus also have a triad as the Buddhists, likewise. Other religions also have the triad. St. Augustine was great for his study of the significance of numbers. Of course, it is not the numbers in themselves that has any value, but rather what the numbers represent.

It was the occult world that accepted Solomon's Seal as something occult. King Solomon was known as an arch magician and deeply involved in witchcraft and occultism:

"King Solomon, traditionally known as an arch magician used a spell to banish infernal beings sent by the king of demons to extract human hearts." (The Sorcerer's Handbook).

Also described in this book is "Solomon's Mirror" and what is done with the blood of a pigeon.

The History and Practice of Magic (Vol.II) calls the six-pointed star the talisman of Saturn. It is illustrated on both sides.The reverse side seal of Solomon while the obverse shows the five-pointed star, known as the pentagram. Details are given for the making of these symbols and the materials to be used. (Cfr. The History and Practice of Magic by Paul Christian; Vol II p. 304).

The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems by William Thomas and Kate Pavitt states that the six-pointed star (hexagram) is called the Seal of Solomon. It is described as an ancient talisman and admits that this symbol did not originate with King Solomon since it was used much further back than the so-called "Jewish Dispensation". This symbol was used in the practices of worship of Ashteroth and Moloch long before Solomon was born. Solomon took this symbol when he dabbled in those condemned rituals, and because he was a great king, his name has been used to describe the six-pointed star ever since.

This little feat of deception made it possible to get this symbol accepted as being Jewish later and thus making it an intimidating link with David, king of Israel who was, of course, Solomon's father.

Any Jewish reader who may fall upon this article should be informed that this symbol, the Seal of Solomon, was considered an all-powerful talisman especially when accompanied by the Hebrew Yod. This combination is frequently seen today. It appears also with the Tau cross in the center. (Ibid. p.38).

Encyclopedia of Occultism calls the six-pointed star the "Seal of Solomon" and establishes that this symbol is the "chief magical diagram" and affirms that it was used in "special rites". (Cfr.Magical Diagrams by Lewis Spence, p.38).

Man, Myth and Magic: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural by Richard Cavendish admits that the six-pointed star "contains occult power".(p.1300).

An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols by J.C. Cooper calls the star a hexagram and associates it with the Chinese occult symbol of ying and yang. (p.82).

In the book Symbols Around Us by Sven Tito Achen, the author refers to the symbol as the hexagram and mentions its adoption as the symbol of Zionism. Mention is also made that this symbol is called the Seal of Solomon by the Muslims and that alchemists used it. Likewise, it is mentioned that during the Nazi regime, the Jews were forced to wear it as a "badge of shame." Apparently, the Germans knew what it was while most "Jews" may have been ignorant of it, or, knowing it, they remained silent lest others may learn its true meaning.

The Church used this method of identifying these occultists in the past for the sole purpose of putting Christians on their guard against the magical machinations of these people.

There is a book entitled A Witch's Grimoire of Ancient Omens, Portents, Talismans, Amulets and Charms, by Gavin and Yvonne Frost that states the six-pointed star as featured and used in occultism.

The patient reader is probably tired of all this documentation. It is wearisome, to be sure. But, it is probably just the tip of the iceberg, as they say because there is more that is hidden than revealed.

Hopefully, the attentive reader will begin to draw the necessary conclusions flowing from all this information and will now be able to make the necessary connection between the six-pointed star _ the star of the goddess Astarte _ and what now follows.

And what is this that follows? It is that strange celebration that even many Christians celebrate each year and which has grown to such proportions that it actually rivals Christmas! That feast is HALLOWEEN.

No matter how much effort is expended in informing Christians about the real meaning of Halloween, the blinded Christians (including almost all Catholics!) simply refuse to accept the glaring and gory truth of the matter.

Halloween really means "the eve of all hallows". This is the old English way of saying "Eve of All Saints". And that is when it is celebrated: On the evening before the Feast of All Saints which is November 1.

But what is Halloween? Note well and let this fact be imprinted firmly in your mind and memory: HALLOWEEN IS THE HIGHEST SABBATH OF THE WITCHES.

And while many children are dressed as "cute little witches and goblins" the real thing is being practiced elsewhere _ and it is not "cute" at all! On this night, just as on nights in the past, satanic sacrifices using young people are still taking place! Have no doubt about it: On Halloween young children are used in the ugliest human sacrifice _ and it may be taking place in your own neighborhood!!

Just to provide only one example: In an account reported in the Toronto Globe & Mail (1981), it was reported that a man named James Odo was involved in kidnapping young hitchhikers and using them for satanic sacrifices. This was told by him to a shocked and stunned courtroom in Montreal. (Globe & Mail (Toronto) Oct.21, 1981,p.1).

This same thing is happening in other parts of the world. It will happen this year also wherever these witches are allowed to practice their demonic rites.

While many "Jews" and "Christians" are completely unaware of the significance of this symbol, there is doubt that their leaders are ignorant of it. Some time ago, a talk-show hostess had two Jewish women on her show. They admitted before an audience of millions of viewers that they were used to bear children for human sacrifice. One of them even admitted to having participated in such sacrifices. Therefore, to attempt to exonerate the Jews is a disservice to society.

Certainly, there are people who think they are the descendents of ancient Israelites because their rabbis told them so and they did not bother researching their roots. How many of them are innocent of the kind of deeds their co-religionists perpetrate is hard to determine. It reminds one of the problem in Germany when the Germans were fighting the Communists in a civil war. The Germans rounded up the Communists because they were Communists and attempted to overthrow the legitimate government by force. They were rounded up _ and behold, most of them were Jews!

They were rounded up not because of their religion; they were rounded up because they shed German blood in an attempt to overthrow the German government in a country that was not theirs. They have done this in every country wherever they were permitted to reside.

If these people have chosen to use the six-pointed star as their religious and political symbol, those who know what this symbol represents cannot be accused of `hatred' or any other negative sentiment for speaking the truth.

It cannot be repeated often enough: Upon the public admission of a rabbi before millions of television viewers, the small minority in this country is responsible for the entertainment of the other ninety percent. What does that tell you, dear reader? Does it not tell you that you cannot remain passive in the face of the moral corruption and violence destroying the moral and mental fabric of this and every other country?

What is `occultism'?

`Occultism' should not be confused with `cult.' Since many people use words the meaning of which they are actually ignorant, the importance of words must be emphasized.

The word `cult' is most frequently used today to signify something evil, whereas it has no such connotation. It is a generic term for any system of worship. We Catholics use this word when referring to the rites and rituals of Catholic worship.

The word is also used in place of the term `sect' to describe a particular group. `Sect' is more restricted to religion, whereas `cult' may be used in reference to the devotion some people have for a person, an idea or thing.

The ignorant apostate `Catholics' point to us and call us a `cult.' Their intention is malicious because they thereby wish to hide the fact that they have apostatized from the Catholic faith.

We gladly admit to such apostate `Catholics' that we are, indeed, a cult. Our `cult' leader is Jesus Christ, just as Lucifer is the `cult' leader of the Freemason.

We do not refer to our religious leaders as `guys' _ we show them the honor and respect which fits their office. They are not ordinary people because they have been taken from among the community and have been given divine powers for the benefit of all. We revere them for their personal holiness or at least for the holiness they make possible for others. That is why we call them "Reverend". We do not call them "Exalted and Imperial Wizards" because they are not warlocks or magicians as Freemasons fancy themselves to be as they domineer over their lesser co-religionists.

`Occultism,' on the other hand, is something hidden and devious. It is something that pertains to alchemy, magic, astrology and other arts and practices involving the use of divination, incantation, magical formulae, etc.

Occultism invariably deals with the spirits of evil _ in a word, with devils. And, as you know, devils are the fallen angels who followed Lucifer in his rebellion against God. Everyone and everything involved in the occult is most certainly connected with devil-worship. As such, then, it follows logically that such persons or things are directly opposed to all that is good and holy.

It should have been the duty of the clergy to be keenly aware of these things and to warn the faithful against them. The negligence of the clergy is the direct cause that has led many Catholics into the practices of idolatry.

Unfortunately, those who decry some of the practices found here and there in the Catholic Church fail to distinguish that which is genuine devotion founded on genuine faith and that which has entered in through the weakness of some members. Such things as wearing the rosary around one's neck is a practice which the Church has never sanctioned for the simple reason that the rosary is a means of keeping count of the prayers that are said. It is not an amulet nor a `good-luck' charm. It is not an ornament. And as far as being a protection against evil spirits goes, it would be just as effective in one's pocket or purse.

The dividing line between true devotion and crass superstition is sometimes razor thin. Only those with weak faith experience the need for clinging to some material object rather than the faith the object ought to reflect.

It is loss of supernatural faith that leads people to turn to demonic horoscopes, to wear jewelry depicting occult symbols and to dabble in occult things.

Actually, reading the horoscope in the daily paper is not just a satisfying of one's curiosity. Those who do this gradually begin to believe what they read. The same is true of that recent phenomenon called "transcendental meditation." This time of `meditation' opens the path for demonic suggestion.

Still others openly invite demonic influences by practicing magic, witchcraft and fortune telling.

Witches don't really ride brooms. They don't have to because they boldly appear on our television shows, are featured in our daily papers, some sit next to us at work. They even worship Satan openly in `churches' that enjoy tax-exempt status. They don't have to hide any more because they have their members in some of the most sensitive positions in government.

It is said that such Rock groups as K.I.S.S. (Knights In Satan's Service) supposedly invite demons of hate, rebellion, lust, etc. to accompany their records which they send out with occult rituals. Their music contains the "Druid Beat." Another rock group, Queen, boasts that every member is a practicing homosexual.

When politicians curry the cash and vote of homosexuals and lesbians and publicly display approval of such sexual deviation, we may be sure that Satan rules in such places.

Satanism is as old as creation. The word `Satan' really means `adversary' or `devil' which means `slanderer.'

Lucifer was the founder of occultism. This follows from the simple fact that Lucifer was the first adversary of God through his pride. Isaiah the prophet says of him:

"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? How art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? And thou hast said in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the covenant, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit." (Is. 14, 12-15).

The Druid drumbeats of rock music are the music of Satan. Educators and parents continue to ignore the warnings of the few enlightened individuals whose voices are muffled by the hysterical screams and vulgar voices of these purveyors of moral destruction.

If Satanism is so widespread throughout the entire world, ought we not ask the question: How is this possible in lands where the blessings of Christianity once flourished?

The answer is easy: When the true leader of all mankind is set aside, Lucifer and his immoral minions spew their slime over the face of the earth. There is only one solution to this problem: All Christians must rise up and unite against this common enemy of mankind. There is no need for bloodshed: All that is needed is the will to understand the source of all this evil and restore the Light of the world to His rightful place.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world. There is no other in whom mankind can hope for salvation now and in eternity!

Everyone who is against Christ is an Antichrist. It matters little if one calls himself a "Jew" or "Muslim" or "Christian" or whatever else _ a denial of His Church is a denial of Christ.

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