The Mystical Body


In order to please heretics, Joseph Ratzinger contradicted the doctrinal encyclical of Pope Pius XII and stated that the Church of Jesus Christ subsists   in the Roman Catholic Church. This does not mean that the true Church of Jesus Christ is the Roman Catholic Church. The difference is quite subtle, but the consequences are grotesquely heretical. Honesty would require that the clear doctrinal teaching of the infallible magisterium residing in Pope Pius XII be scrupulously observed and communicated to the faithful - priests and laity.

The Roman Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. The verb `to be' expresses identity. There are not many mystical bodies of Jesus Christ; there is only one: The Roman Catholic Church, the unique ark of salvation, outside of which no one can be saved. No one can be saved: neither Jew nor Muslim, neither Hindu nor Brahmanist, neither Shintoist nor Buddhist. This also includes the followers of the Protestant sects; it includes also the Freemasons and the Modernists (who presently constitute the vast majority of the Apostate Church headed by the false Pope, Karol Wojtyla).

Whenever genuine Popes spoke or wrote concerning unity, it was always in the sense of the erring to return to the one, true, fold. There can never be a "dialogue" with those in error as if entering into some kind of "negotiations" where both sides concede some point and gain another. Our Lord did not send His Apostles throughout the world to dialogue with all nations. He empowered them with the truth and sent them out to make disciples of all men.

When one teaches, one does not dialogue. In effect, this is precisely what Pope Leo XIII stated in his Encyclical letter "On the Unity of the Church". With all due charity, this great Pope set forth the true doctrine of the Church and invited all those who were outside the Church to return to their Mother. He did not say to those in error: "You're O.K and we're O.K. Everybody is O.K." No. He clearly stated the Church's position and urged those in error to shed their errors and accept the grace of the Holy Spirit inviting them to return to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, viz., the Roman Catholic Church.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Pope Pius XII and legitimate Popes before him, made heroic efforts to warn the Catholic faithful against ever-increasing numbers of false teachers who were boldly undermining the faith of the people. But, alas! The inspired words of the genuine Roman Pontiffs fell on deaf ears for the most part. Even when the Modernist heretics were openly condemned by Pope St. Pius X, these arrogant and haughty men did not abandon their errors. Instead, they submerged themselves in a sea of intellectual anonymity and awaited their opportunity to surface once again. But, this time better-prepared. They had ample time to consolidate their plans from 1905 to 1965. They infiltrated seminaries and Religious institutions and ever so carefully began to sow their seeds of error.

Most people do not realize how delicate is the supernatural gift of faith.

Through the process of psychological gradualism, the unwary are led to embrace false doctrines and thereby, to quietly relegate true doctrines to oblivious forgetfulness.

But, since our Lord promised His Apostles that He would be with them until the end of time, we can be certain that He keeps His promise. God works through the instrumentality of men. Christ's mission had to be perpetuated until the end of time. To achieve this essential purpose, He took to Himself disciples and trained them, and made them partakers of His own authority. We can verify all this by beginning to read the Scriptures contained in the Mass for the Feast of Pentecost and all through the octave of the feast.

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