Jesus Christ The King

The Feast of Jesus Christ the King was instituted not as the expression of a new doctrine, but to bring to the attention of the Catholic world the original consequences of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

Pope Pius XI instituted this feast of the Kingship of Christ because as the Vicar of that same Jesus Christ, he wished to make a solemn proclamation of the social dominion of our Lord Jesus Christ over the world. Christ, the King of souls and consciences, of intellects and wills, is also the King of families and cities, peoples and nations.

He is King of the whole universe.

Pope Pius XI showed in his Encyclical Letter Quas primas of December 11, 1925, that secularism is the direct denial of this Kingship of Christ. Secularism organizes social life as if God did not exist and it has led to the apostasy of the masses and the evident ruin of all society.

The whole of today's Mass and Office are a solemn assertion of the universal royalty of Jesus Christ against the great heresy of our days that is secularism.

The feast occurs on the last Sunday of October towards the end of the liturgical year and just before the feast of All Saints. The feast of the Kingship of Christ is, as it were, the crowning glory of all the mysteries of the life of Christ and is an anticipation of the eternal royalty that He exercises over all the elect in the glory of heaven.

The great reality of Christianity is the Risen Christ reigning in all the glory of His victory among the elect who are the fruits of His triumph.

The liberal, apostate, clergy and their lay supporters have dethroned Christ and have enthroned secular humanism in what were once Catholic churches. This is the profound theological and psychological reason for the various changes in the liturgy and, of course, the razing of the interior of our churches.

It is quite absurd to portray, for example, Jesus Christ the King reigning as a king while hanging on the Cross. Pope Pius XII had already condemned this practice saying that those who do this are going in a wrong direction. Having replaced the suffering and dying Christ on the Cross with a gloriously reigning King is theologically incorrect because the Church Militant has not entered into Her glory. The Church Militant is still being crucified in Her members as they valiantly struggle to live according to their baptismal promises and to lead others to Jesus Christ and salvation.

Jesus Christ is rightful king of not only the universe but also of every nation in the world. He came into this world as the Son of David and inherited the kingdom of Judea.

Jesus Christ is the lawful king of Israel and this kingship is to be exercised in His Name by His Vicar, a legitimate Pope.

The land of Palestine does not belong to the Khazar mongols from the Caucus Mountains between Russia and Turkey. The true Roman Catholic Church could never recognize the forceful invasion and usurpation of another nation by terrorists and thieves such as those pretending to be a legitimate "State" accomplished by murder, intrigue and bribery. Although we Catholics may differ on religious grounds with the inhabitants of Palestine, we are bound in conscience and justice to recognize the Palestinian people and their country as a sovereign State.

It is only the Ashkenazi Jew, Karol Wojtyla, who has prevailed upon the unprincipled among the hierarchy to recognize the mythical, fictional "State of Israel" which is a group of world revolutionaries behind the euphemistic buzz words "Communism" and "Democracy."

These peoples, led by their Talmudic rabbis and pantheistic leaders (Zionists) are the world's most organized enemies of Christianity. They are, therefore, "anti-Christs" in the true meaning of the word, that is, they are against Jesus Christ and thus, the vowed enemies of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ _ the Roman Catholic Church. They use their front-organization _ Freemasonry _ to do their evil works just has they compromised Pontius Pilate into allowing them to crucify Jesus Christ.

Today, they have found millions of ignorant `Catholics' and former Catholics _ Protestants _ to carry on their hidden agenda of establishing the reign of Lucifer, and his `vicar' the Antichrist.

Today, we see with our own eyes what the true Popes of the Roman Catholic Church perceived and warned against. Alas! Their warnings were not heeded either by Bishops nor those closely working with them. Instead, we observe the same deliberate disobedience prevailing among almost all those who would claim the name `Catholic' or `Christian.'

The laity have usurped the teaching authority and the governing authority of the sacred office of teaching and governing that belong to Bishops alone and are only delegated to priests in union with them. Many of the laity have proven to be a greater obstacle to the furthering of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through their misguided ambition than as welcome associates in a common cause. There are, as one man said, "more chiefs than Indians." Put another way, there are more amateur `generals' than there are soldiers. With the newly-risen enemies of the Church from within Her ranks found among the Modernist apostates and the Traditionalist heretics/schismatics, the true Church and Her greatly reduced hierarchy stands virtually alone in the struggle to keep the Mystical Body of Jesus alive.

When a Pope writes an Encyclical Letter, it is addressed to the Bishops of the world. These letters are by way of information and guidance to Bishops primarily. It is the Bishops' duty to convey this information to the priests under them and through the priests to the faithful. It is because so many Bishops failed in their duties that all those below them have likewise failed in theirs.

The few (very few!) priests and faithful who have not abandoned either their faith or all the incidentals that flow from their faith are become the objects of scorn and vindictiveness to cowardly clergy and their equally cowardly followers.

There are many who hold up the banner of Christ, but are closer to being the enemies of Christ than His loyal followers. All this, certainly, please the visible enemies of Christ and His Church.

A rabble army has never won a battle. It has, however, caused much hardship and sorrow to the people it professed to aid and defend. The `rabble army' in today's war for Christ and God is to be found among those pseudo-Catholics who call themselves "Traditionalists". Rather than bring to the wandering faithful the "light of undefiled faith," they bring the scandalous example of their arrogance and pride.

Jesus Christ's true kingship over the world can only be brought about through His followers who have learned His first command: "Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart." Arrogance, deceit, secret ambition cloak in the respectable garb of religion can never bring about the peaceful reign of Jesus Christ.

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary Protect Our True Leaders!

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