Fr. Giles O.F.M.

We hear so often about equality. The equality of the sexes seems to be a very popular topic these days in our school systems. We see more and more young people trying to conform their lives to this absurd idea, and it is causing great confusion and frustration.

Young men are encouraged to find and develop their "feminine" side — become emotional and extremely sensitive, and to adopt feminine attitudes of dress and physical adornment (long hair, earrings, bracelets, etc.). Women on the other hand are encouraged to just the opposite — become hard and brutish in their attitudes, and to adopt masculine attitudes of dress and physical adornment (short hair, pants, tattoos, etc.) There appears to be a conscious effort towards a "unisex". We now have "unisex" clothing, "unisex" barber/beauticians, etc.

The world does not want us to be what God created us to be. God made us different; the world would have us recreate ourselves so that we are all the same. In the Communist ideology everyone must be the same and be treated the same. We must all become identical "cogs" that can be easily exchanged and/or replaced by any other "cog"(person). We must become expendable parts of the system. Thus people must exist for the system, instead of the system existing for the people. It makes no difference if you have a man perform a task or a woman, the result is the same. Men can now feel proud to perform many of the duties traditionally held by women — stay at home dads (Mr. Mom). Likewise, women can now feel proud to get out of the home and perform the duties traditionally held by men — fire(wo)man, police(wo)man, etc.

The devils have suggested this idea to the world, and society has enthusiastically embraced it. It sounds very good at first glance. After all, we are all made in the image and likeness of God; we all have immortal souls; and we know that there are neither male nor female souls. Thus society would have us ignore the fact that we have physical bodies and aside from the many similarities of the body and mind there are also very obvious differences both physically and psychologically. God created two sexes not one.

Historically, societies (pagan and/or non-Catholic) have viewed women as inferior and have treated them as such. The duties women have been designed to perform in God's plan have been looked upon as humiliating and degrading. Today's society thinks women should be emancipated from this "terrible" position in which God has placed them. The devils and society would have us "free" women from her domestic duties and have her go out in the world and "live it up" and enjoy life.

Many women have done just that and still feel unsatisfied, alone, and unhappy. They are in daily contact with many people, yet they sense that something is missing from their lives — they are unfulfilled. Many have assumed the role of head of the family and feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. Yet, they will not relinquish the authority that their weak husbands have abandoned to them. They rule as devils and create a living hell rather than a loving home. The husband who has been thus relieved of his duties has nothing to do and can become lazy and indifferent to the creating and running of a home. Unable to do what he was created to do he becomes frustrated and often feels useless and unfulfilled. Often the wife becomes such a tyrant that the husband fears to try and correct the situation. So inevitably the "family" must be dissolved in a divorce. All this is according to the plan of the devils.

God created two sexes and we will never find happiness unless we accept the fact. We can only find happiness when we live according to God's plans. Men were created with certain physical and psychological characteristics, and women were created with different physical and psychological characteristics.

Men are designed to find happiness and fulfillment in their physical labors and in providing for their families. Women, on the other hand, are designed to find their happiness and fulfillment in domestic duties especially in their social relationships in a family — bearing and raising children.

Men who try to find happiness in performing the duties that God designed women to perform; and women who try to find happiness in performing the duties God designed men to perform will be unhappy, frustrated, and unfulfilled. Not to mention, the eternal consequences they will suffer for deliberately disobeying the will of God.

The devil is the ape of Christ and seeks to invert all right order. Tragically society has sought to follow this evil disorder.

Let us look at motherhood. Society (the devils) tell us that it is a form of slavery; degrading; and unworthy of us. Women should be freed from this evil. Women have been traditionally (in Protestant/Pagan society) looked down upon as of no value except in producing a son (daughters were greatly undesirable).

God's views expressed through the Church are quite the contrary. Motherhood is one of the highest vocations here on earth — it is a participation in the creative work of God. Mothers participate most intimately with God in creating a new person who is made in the image and likeness of God and is destined to spend eternity in Heaven. We are thus commanded to love, respect, and be grateful to our mothers for all their labors in bearing and especially in raising us. Husbands, even though the head of the family, are encouraged to look up to their wives as an inspiration and reminder of the love and goodness of God. God has thus placed women not on an equal plane as men, but on a higher one.

The devil would have us believe that women have been placed beneath men on a most degrading plane, and would have them "rise" up to the coarseness of men, and cease to be a reminder and inspiration of the love and goodness of God.

It may be argued that God has placed women beneath men in that He has made men the Head of women, and commands wives to obey their husbands. This is true, but this is with regards to maintaining right order here on earth and has little to do with the supernatural merits and worth of the individuals involved. To illustrate the point, consider a family and the order that God has established here on earth: The Father is the head and is above everyone else in the family, the wife is next, and the child is last. Now consider the Holy Family: St. Joseph is the head, Mary, is next, and Christ is last and owes obedience to both Mary and St. Joseph. Christ, who is God Himself, (the highest and greatest) has taken the last position. Next in the order of Sanctity would come His mother Mary, and last is her husband, St. Joseph. Though Mary was subject to and obedient to St. Joseph, she nonetheless held a much higher position, and is looked up to as an inspiration and reminder of God.

St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother are not equal! St. Joseph was given the position of commanding and Mary was given the position of obeying, but who would dare say that Mary was beneath St. Joseph in dignity, or that her vocation was less than St. Joseph's?

Mary and St. Joseph are not equal; their vocations were not equal; both were important and pleasing in the eyes of God.

Some have argued that the bearing of children is woman's punishment from God for original sin. This is not the case at all. God intended for women to bear children before mankind fell. He told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply; to fill the earth. After the fall, the punishment that women were given was that they would suffer pain in giving birth.

Yet, this pain which is a punishment for sin is also a great good. St. Paul tells us that, "women will be saved by childbearing, if they continue in faith and love and holiness with modesty." (1 Tim 2, 15)

Pain and suffering, far from being the great evils that the world and the devils would have us believe, are great blessings. They help to correct and atone for our many faults and failings. But, perhaps most importantly they allow us to conform ourselves to Christ, who suffered and died upon the cross for us. Pain and suffering, rather than cause us great sorrow and despair, should fill us with consolation, joy and hope. Christ has promised that it is so. He will make our burden light and sweet, if we only embrace it out of a love for Him. God chastises those whom He loves. Thus it follows that those whom He loves more He chastises more. Those who for the love of God willingly embrace the state of motherhood will endure great pain and suffering, but they will likewise be greatly rewarded for it all.

God often compares Himself and His love for us to that of a mother. He underwent the greatest pain and suffering for us and would gladly do it over and over again for the joy and happiness that comes from the fact that this pain and suffering brought about a new life.

The devils and the world who teach us to avoid pain at all costs, wish to deprive us of the great blessings which are in store for us, and only lead us into greater pain and suffering.

In order to avoid motherhood society would now have us practice "birth control" (conception prevention) or, to be even more precise — mutual self-abuse. This brings about a gnawing conscience, which fills us with regret and disgust for ourselves and those who sinned with us. When this conception prevention has failed and conception takes place, then comes their "birth control" in the form of murder of the unborn child which euphemistically goes by the name of abortion. Aside from the physical tragedy — the death of a child created in the image and likeness of God, and the harm done to the mother herself — there is the emotional tragedy that comes from a guilty conscience gnawing away at those involved; especially of the mother. Many women who have murdered their own children have to have extensive counseling to help them silence their conscience and live with themselves.

But, to truly see the enormity of this evil we have to look at it from the perspective of eternity. What happens to those immortal souls who never saw the light of day? The Church is very clear in stating that nothing stained can enter into the kingdom of Heaven. These poor souls are denied the saving grace of baptism, and thus stained with original sin will never see God!

This is where the Satanic-Talmudic-Masonic "ethic" of "liberty" and "equality" has led us: Denial of the uniqueness and worth of every person who is created in the image and likeness of God; Denial of the obvious differences of sex; Masculinization of women and feminization of men; Despising, resisting, and fighting against the most holy and sacred vocation of motherhood.

Instead of elevating and inspiring each other we now seek to bring everyone down to the least common denominator — women can now curse, swear, and adulterate as freely as the crudest and lowest of "men". There is no respect for the humbler yet nobler positions that God gives, and thus God's will is despised and rejected.

Let us work to reestablish the right order of God here upon earth. We should esteem and love every vocation as a gift from God to be cherished, loved and followed. They are all necessary in God's plan — in fact the humbler tasks are perhaps more important than all others. There is no doubt that God's love is the greatest for the humblest.

Though the devil despises and looks down upon motherhood; and this vocation is humble and without much reward or acknowledgment here on earth, there is no doubt that the reward will be great in Heaven, and is greatly esteemed by God Himself.

What greater joy can there be to stand before our Lord in eternity and say: "Here Lord is the child you entrusted to me; whom I accepted and bore into the world; whom I fed, clothed, sheltered, educated, but most of all taught to love You. I did all this with great pain, suffering and sacrifice to myself all for the Love of You."?

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