The Bishop Speaks

Bishop Louis Vezelis O.F.M.


I am conscious of the seriousness of the statements made regarding Karol Wojtyla alias "Pope John Paul II". I am also fully aware of my duties as a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, consecrated to this high office as a successor of the Apostles. My duty to the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ imposes upon me the obligation to be extremely cautious in making statements regarding the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church as well as those who are the valid and legitimate teachers of these doctrines; and concerning those whose sacred office would require of them the defense of the deposit of the faith and observance of the consequent discipline and practices flowing from these doctrines.

My motives in exposing false teachers and usurpers of the teaching authority in the Roman Catholic Church have nothing of personal prejudice, like or dislike of the individuals involved. The only motive is loyalty to the Church which I have freely accepted upon being invited to accept episcopal consecration.

When faith is the supernatural work of divine grace, there is unity because the Holy Spirit is the Source of this unity. When there is disunity, this disunity must be seen as a disunity in matters of faith. Members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ live the life of the Holy Spirit, as Pope Pius XII stated in his doctrinal Encyclical Letter, MYSTICI CORPORIS.

It is the duty of the bishops to watch over the purity of doctrine in union with the Bishop of Rome who is the Vicar of Jesus Christ. However, for the Bishop of Rome to have a right to respect and obedience he must be a legitimate successor of St. Peter. Someone who is merely perceived to be the successor of St.Peter is not thereby the real Pope.

Our Lord has given us sure guidelines whereby we are protected against error in the most important matters of our lives, namely, the true faith. He said: "By their fruits you shall know them." And since the death of Pope Pius XII, what are the "fruits" of those who have succeeded him? No honest evaluation can escape the tragic conclusion: Only bitter fruit has been born in the "Catholic Church" since the death of Pope Pius XII.

Heresy originating from the "Chair of Peter" has forced loyal Catholics to conclude that those occupying the Chair of Peter since the death of Pope Pius XII were and are usurpers. They are not Catholic; they do the work of Satan the invisible Antichrist, and the visible antichrists: Jews and Freemasons.

Immediately there comes to mind those misinformed, uninformed and deformed superficial "Catholics" whose pious prattle serves only to create confusion among others.

It is impossible to teach truth without first exposing error. Those who would hide error under the pretext of `charity' fail to understand what charity itself is. The greatest charity is in instructing the ignorant and correcting the erring.

We should have the courage to shake off that pernicious and contradictory attitude of "respecting everyone's opinion" especially in matters of religion. Nothing could be more absurd and detrimental to individuals and to society on the whole than this false charity.

Having said all this, let us take a closer look at the statements and actions of Karol Wojtyla alias "Pope John Paul II".

I judge him from his own words. I do not put ideas and words into his mind and mouth. I quote his public statements; I compare them to the clear teachings of Jesus Christ and His official teaching authority _ the Magisterium _ composed of validly and legitimately consecrated bishops.

Because there are so many and continuous errors promoted by Karol Wojtyla, I will concern myself with only a few of the basic errors against the faith as they have appeared in recent times.

The occasion is "The Great Jubilee of the Year 2000."

The following information is taken from the Catholic Herald _newspaper of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Of the many events which were orchestrated for the purpose of re-enforcing the conviction that this man was the true leader of the Roman Catholic Church, there were two events of great importance.

The first was the World Youth Day in August. This is when the poorly informed and completely uninformed youth of the "Catholic world" gathered in Rome at the invitation of John Paul II. They attended the Protestant Communion Service which is still referred to as the "Mass" for psychological reasons. One can only imagine the chaos created by such an international gathering of undisciplined youths.

The next great event, it appears, was what is referred to as the "Day of Forgiveness." This took place in August. On this occasion, the "Pope" "led a reconciliation service asking forgiveness of those harmed in the name of the church" (Catholic Herald, Jan.4,2001). This was mostly directed to placate the "Jews" more than anyone else.

Because the true Church is holy, it cannot be responsible for any "harm" to anyone. Any one causing harm to another is not acting in the name of the Church. This false imposition of collective guilt upon the Church is an outrage to the good and faithful members of the Church. Truth and justice would require that only the guilty be singled out and censured _ not the Church. You and I are members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. Neither you nor I have been guilty of "harming" anyone in the name of the Church. Exposing and denouncing religious errors is not harming someone, it is instructing the ignorant. On the contrary, the attackers and haters of truth are the ones who harm not only themselves, but all of society.

The writer for the "Catholic News Service," Jerry Filteau, writes: "Also evoking wide interest was his invitation to religious leaders everywhere to submit names of Christian martyrs of the 20th century, including non-Catholics, for a special jubilee ceremony com-memorating all such witnesses to the faith in one of history's bloodiest centuries. Among the thousands of names submitted to Rome was that of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr."

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Communist, funded by Communists and employed Communist tactics to create violent disunity in society. The fact that Protestantism, following its Jewish narrow-minded and bigoted influence denied the black man of his human dignity is only an accident that served the greater plan of implanting Communism in the United States.

Martin Luther King, Jr. further promoted the idea that violence and disrespect for authority are the best means of attaining one's goal. The American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a long file on King's activities _ a file that is sealed from the eyes of the public. If the American public are the real "governing body" of these United States, why do they not have a right to the information on this public figure?

We should not forget that John Paul II already had no difficulty praying to the "Christian" martyrs of the 20th century together with other heretics when visiting England. Among these "martyrs" was Martin Luther King, Jr.

A martyr is a person who bears witness to something. In the religious context, a martyr is someone who has given his life in defense of the true faith. That true faith is the Roman Catholic faith.

I suppose a "martyr" can be anyone. I'm sure that atheistic Communists are "martyrs" in this broad sense of the word. However, when speaking of martyrdom in the religious sense, we can only speak of Catholic Christian martyrs who have suffered and died for the true faith.

Heretics are never "martyrs" for the true faith. Schismatics can never be "martyrs" in the strict sense of the word. And we must use this word in its strict meaning in this case.

Despite the oft repeated use of the word "Christian," this term can only be properly used and attributed to Roman Catholics who are the only true Christians because they believe all that the Catholic Church believes and teaches. Catholics believe all these things because it is Jesus Christ Who said all these things and He is Truth Itself.

No one outside the Roman Catholic Church is a genuine "Christian." No amount of worldly flattery or persuasive ambiguity can change this objective, ontological truth.

The Church sent missionaries to the lands of Africa to free those peoples from the tyranny of their own enslaving leaders who eagerly sold their own people into slavery. We should bear in mind that there could not be any slavery issuing from Africa if it were not with the cooperation of tribal chiefs. No foreign army invaded Africa and took these people into slavery. Missionaries were killed because they defended the human rights of the people against the devil-inspired sorcerers who kept the people ignorant and in fear. Yet, it is the missionary who is depicted as the villain, while the true villains are protected by the veil of silence.

John Paul II has no regard for the clear teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. No legitimate Pope has ever recognized the invasion of Palestine by the Finno-Turkish Khazars. Justice and truth required this position of the Church. The fact that most Palestinians are Muslims does not alter the fact that Palestine is their homeland and not the homeland of mongol Khazars.

Jesus Christ is the legitimate earthly heir of King David. Therefore, if anyone has any `rights' to rule that part of the world it would be the legitimate successor of the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the Pope. Properly speaking, Jesus Christ is the true social King of all the world. It is the duty of the State to aid the establishment of the true Kingdom of God on earth. That kingdom is the kingdom established by Jesus Christ; that kingdom continues in the Roman Catholic Church. No amount of brutality on the part of dissidents can change this divine plan of God for social peace and justice.

Karol Wojtyla said that Christians, Muslims and Jews, who all recognize Abraham as their father in faith, must recognize the values common to their faiths and cultures and, "starting from the Holy Land, witness to the value of solidarity and the promotion of justice."

Let us examine these statements and ideas more carefully and critically. Was Abraham the father of Talmudism? Was Abraham the father of Mohammedism? Was Abraham our father in the Christian faith?

Talmudism was not born with Abraham. It's roots are to be found in the corrupting influence of pagan worship of Astarte _ the goddess of fertility embraced by Solomon.

This question was raised in the time of Jesus by the Pharisees. Jesus, as we know, "came unto His own and His own received Him not" _ as St. John the Evangelist says. What does this mean? It means that Jesus, as a member of the tribe of Juda in His humanity came to bring back to the true faith the members of that tribe of which His natural ancestors once belonged. He came unto His own because He attempted to restore that race of people to their original calling to holiness and service to God. They were the natural descendants of Abraham, but they had become the spiritual heirs of Satan.

Many Judeans believed in Jesus. Some among them had never lost the true faith while the majority had followed the Scribes and Pharisees into heresy. Much like the majority of modern spiritual Israelites (Roman Catholics) the Judeans and members of the other tribes had embraced paganism. To be sure, they kept certain externals of the true temple _ much as any heretic does even today.

In order to have a clear idea of this entire question surrounding Abraham and his patriarchal descendants, it is necessary to place the question within the proper context. To do this, we must have recourse to the Gospel according to St. John. St. John records the events that gave rise to the occasion. Jesus had gone to the Mount of Olives to pray as was His custom.

He spent the night in prayer and at daybreak He went back into the temple. There, the people surrounded Him and wished to hear Him teach. He was sitting in the temple teaching when there was some kind of commotion. It was the Scribes and Pharisees. They had somehow caught a woman in adultery. How this happened, we do not know; nor need we know. They brought the unfortunate woman before Jesus and the people about Him. And, in their accustomed hypocritical way, they asked Him: "Master, this woman has just now been caught in adultery. And in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such persons. What, therefore, dost thou say?"

St.John points out the true motive of these hypocrites: "Now they were saying this to test him, in order that they might be able to accuse him."

These Talmudists wanted to accuse Jesus of violating the Law and thereby discrediting Him in the eyes of the people who were constantly reminded of the Law. "It's the law," they will tell us even today while they themselves know all the loop-holes which they use so well.

They underestimated the intelligence and wisdom of Jesus. He simply stooped over and began to trace something on the ground. But, they were insistent: "But when they continued asking him, he raised himself and said to them, `Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone at her.' And again stooping down, he began to write on the ground." Some will say that Jesus did not write anything of importance on the ground, but did this only to indicate His disinterest in the matter. This is hard to believe and is not really in character for Jesus. Adultery has always been a grave matter as we see from other statements made by Jesus on the subject. Physical adultery was not even necessary for a person to be guilty of adultery. It was enough that a person desired and entertained the thought in his mind and will to make him guilty of this sin.

After Jesus invited the sinless one to cast the first stone, we are told that "…hearing this, they went away, one by one, beginning with the eldest." Finally, they were all gone and Jesus was there alone with the woman. And, as if to impress the lesson upon the woman, He says to her: "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned thee?" What else could the unfortunate woman answer but "No one, Lord." Then, Jesus said to her: "Neither will I condemn thee. Go thy way, and from now on sin no more."

Certainly, Jesus was not in the same class as the sanctimonious Scribes and Pharisees. He was innocent in His humanity and able to forgive her in His divinity. For, the Talmudists correctly observed that only God can forgive sin. All that man could do was punish it; but, that makes for an awkward situation: the guilty punish the guilty! Where is the justice, then? Obviously, there is none.

Jesus then turned to the people who had observed the entire scene and said to them: "I am the light of the world. He who follows me does not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life." It appears that some of the Pharisees were still standing around observing and listening to Jesus. They knew the Scriptures enough to say to Him: "Thou bearest witness to thyself. Thy witness is not true."

The Pharisees knew that anyone who puts himself in a position of authority cannot be true. All authority comes from God, not from man. The messenger is not the author of the message. He is only the one to deliver it.

Jesus, therefore knowing this as well as the Pharisees, takes it a step further and points out to them that He is more than just an ordinary messenger. "Even if I bear witness to myself, my witness is true, because I know where I came from and where I go." Jesus is saying in this statement that even though in His humanity He seems to bear witness to himself, His witness is true because He is not only the messenger but the message itself. And, of course, the spiritually blind cannot grasp this truth. This is why He says to them: "But you do not know where I came from or where I go." Behold the fact: These Pharisees who preach their diluted religion have lost supernatural faith. If they had faith, they would know and understand what Jesus was saying. And, to underline this fact, Jesus explains the reason for their inability to comprehend: "You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one. And even if I judge, my judgment is true, because I am not alone, but with me is he who sent me, the Father."

What an astounding revelation of His divinity! Jesus further tells them: "And in your Law it is written that the witness of two persons is true.." Calumny and false witness were nothing new in the time of Christ. These terrible disorders of human pride were so bad that a law had to be made to protect the innocent against false accusers. At least two persons were required to bear witness to something. It was one man's word against another which could only lead to an impasse.

Jesus clearly demonstrates to the Pharisees that even the Law is fulfilled in His actions: There are two witnesses _ He and the heavenly Father. "It is I who bear witness to myself, and he who sent me, the Father bears witness to me." Here we have two persons bearing witness.

We will soon come to Abraham. Meanwhile, we must continue the narrative. Of course, they will ask Him: "Where is thy Father?" To this query Jesus answers: "You know neither me nor my Father. If you knew me, you would then know my Father also."

What powerful words! How could Wojtyla ignore them? How can he dismiss them? Unless, of course, he himself is a blind Pharisee. How can he speak of the Pharisees of the 20th century who still cling to the darkness and errors of the Pharisees of the 1st century? How can he speak of "faith" or "culture"? There is neither faith nor culture of a positive kind, as we will shortly see.

We now enter the realm of theology: Jesus says to the Pharisees: "I go, and you will seek me, and in your sin you will die. Where I go you cannot come." These people _ the Pharisees _ cannot go where Jesus is going. Not only can they not follow Him, but they will die in their sins. Note well: They will die in their sins. This certainly means that they will be condemned to the eternal punishment of hell. They cannot follow Jesus because Jesus is going back to heaven from whence He had come. The man of sin has no part in Him nor in the abode of the innocent. Jesus effectively says the same thing when He tells them: "You are from below, I am from above. You are of this world, I am not of this world. Therefore, I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am he, you will die in your sin."

Jesus is here warning and admonishing the Pharisees by telling them that He is the Messiah and that if they do not believe Him, they will be condemned to hell. What kind of `faith' or culture flowing from faith can Wojtyla attribute to the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees? Jesus condemns them in no uncertain terms; Wojtyla speaks to them as if their errors were equally true and would have them live by them. The same is true of the Muslims. The Muslims are equally condemned by Jesus because they refuse to accept Jesus and His Church. The Muslim is a follower of Satan as sure as the Jew is. Yet, this man Wojtyla would have the Christian world believe that the Muslim will be saved by his false religion and false morality.

We find ourselves _ we followers of Jesus Christ in the 20th century _ faced with a glaring contradiction: We must either accept Jesus and His Church of all these centuries, or we must abandon this Church and accept the Wojtylian Church of the Polish Jew. We cannot belong to both any more than hell and heaven can coexist peacefully.

We might place ourselves in spirit at this scene and ask ourselves Whom do I believe? The Pharisees repeatedly asked Jesus: "Who art thou?" They never seem able to accept the answer whether spoken by word or by deed.

Jesus reflects this obstacle to knowledge in these seeming impatient words: "Why do I speak to you at all!" This is an experience every teacher has when confronted with obstinacy of the will that blinds right reason. They obviously do not wish to hear the truth spoken by Jesus. There are many things He would say to them and there are judgments He is able to make regarding them. But, they will not listen. Jesus attempts to convince them that what He has to say is the truth revealed by the Father.

We come to a profound prophesy of Christ's impending crucifixion by the Pharisees. Jesus does not say to them "When the Romans shall have lifted me up upon the cross," but He addresses the Pharisees while saying "When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he, and that of myself I do nothing: but that I preach only what the Father has taught me: he has not left me alone, because I do always the things that are pleasing to him."

What a beautiful statement of complete obedience to the heavenly Father. An obedience, to be sure, that would exacerbate the hatred of the "Jews" against Jesus to the point of plotting and successfully arranging His death _ and this, legally! It all has to be done `legally' for these hypocrites because if there is anything they fear, it is the truth about themselves.

Nevertheless, there were some among the listeners who came to believe in Jesus. To these, Jesus says: "If you abide in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." This must have confused these "Jews" for some strange reason. First of all, the condition of true discipleship is to continue in loyal belief in Jesus. A simple passing belief is not enough. To abide means to remain and to persevere in the truth. This is what a genuine disciple does.

When these people heard the words "and the truth shall make you free" they had a problem. Therefore, they said to Him: We are the children of Abraham, and we have never yet been slaves to anyone. How sayest thou, `You shall be free'?"

Now we finally come to the point: Who are the children of Abraham? What is the most recent form of theft today? Those who use the internet know that it is called "identity theft".

Thieves steal other people's identity: Their name, social security number, address and credit card numbers. They literally steal another person's identity, and make purchases in that person's name. All this without the knowledge of the victim. Only when the deed is done, do some victims become aware of what has happened. But, it is too late. It is said that a very long time is required for a victim of identity theft to restore his credit and credibility.

Historically, all twelve tribes of Israel had gone into captivity and subsequent slavery.

"We are the children of Abraham" they said. Then, how is it that they can make the false claim that they had never been slaves to anyone? Either they are not the children of Abraham or they are liars. Which will it be?

Jesus was not referring so much to their genealogical ancestry as much as the spiritual aspect of being faithful as Abraham was. That is why He says: "Amen I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin." Jesus continues the analogy: "But the slave does not abide in the house forever; the son abides there forever. If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed."

Unlike those misinformed and prejudiced against objective truth, Jesus recognizes the genetic bond between these people and Abraham. But, He goes further and says: "I know that you are the children of Abraham; but you seek to kill me because my word takes no hold among you. I speak what I have seen with the Father; and you do what you have seen with your father."

For a moment these Pharisees were confused and so they repeated: "Abraham is our father." Perhaps. Therefore Jesus points out: "If you are the children of Abraham, do the works of Abraham. But as it is, you are seeking to kill me, one who has spoken the truth to you which I have heard from God. That is not what Abraham did. You are doing the works of your father."

Jesus is telling these Pharisees that it is not enough to be the physical descendants of Abraham, but that they must have the same faith that he had and to do the works that flow from such faith. Missing the point, the Pharisees continue to insist on their physical descent from Abraham even to the point of separating themselves from those who have fallen into spiritual fornication. So they say: "We have not been born of fornication; we have one Father, God."

We must have the courage to repeat the same words to our contemporaries that Jesus spoke to the heretics of His day: "If God were your Father, you would surely love me. For from God I came forth and have come; for neither have I come of myself, but he sent me. Why do you not understand my speech? Because you cannot listen to my word. The father from whom you are is the devil, and the desires of your father it is your will to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie he speaks from his very nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I speak the truth you do not believe me. Which of you can convict me of sin? If I speak the truth, why do you not believe me? He who is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear is that you are not of God."

What a proud distortion of reality blinds Karol Wojtyla! The same blindness that paved the path to hell for his ancestors in their false faith. Wojtyla speaks of `faith' and `culture' as if he knows something about these things. If he did, he would not make the absurd and blasphemous statements so common to him.

What values can be common to false religions other than the errors that separate them? And how can there be any kind of unity unless that which separates is abandoned for that which unites? Unity existed before disunity. Function comes before malfunction.

It is a lie to say that "Christians, Muslims and Jews recognize Abraham as their father in faith." They cannot psychologically make that recognition when they are divided on the most essential things of faith. Jesus accused the Pharisees of serving their father the devil. The same may be said of the Muslims. They cannot have Abraham as their spiritual father because they reject Jesus Christ and follow the lecherous `prophet' Mohammed. That is the truth. Mohammedism is nothing more than a `spiritual stew' made of various elements from Talmudism and Catholicism. Mohammedism came into being only in the fifth century A.D. the fact that this false religion spread by means of the sword accounts for its numerical strength. It is founded on fear of death by the sword and not on the grace of God.

The first missionaries who went among the Muslims died as bloody martyrs to the true faith. They went at the command of Jesus to teach all nations to observe what He had taught the Apostles. And those who would believe and would be baptized these would be saved. Those who would not believe, they would be condemned.

There can be no unity between God the Father and the father of lies. It is the Catholic who serves the one Father in heaven; it is the Talmudist and Muslim who serve the father of lies, the devil.

And it is time to put aside all this ecumenical nonsense and preach the truth. Lies only enslave people; the truth alone makes them free.

Whatever seeming positive result Wojtyla hoped to attain for the salvation of souls, he has only succeeded in bringing down the "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church" to the level of the many man-made religions that can never save a single soul, much less any nation and most certainly not the whole world.

There can be no "common values" between truth and error _ except for the fact that the subjective possessors of truth or error are rational beings endowed with reason and free will. Is this the "common value" which Wojtyla has in mind. If so, then we all have this "common value" with devils and angels, with all men _ good and bad.

Is it even conceivable to have "solidarity" when the most essential values are incompatible? Is it enough to make brief statements with reference to Jesus or to Mary in order to convince the world that there is no Name given in heaven or on earth by which we are to be saved? And that name is the Most Holy Name of Jesus. That Name which Jew will not dare to speak because it might catch in his throat; that Name which Muslim will ignore because it will not permit him to live in his sins

Peace and justice are the fruit of right order. How can there be right order when the forces gathered against Jesus Christ speak not of unity, but of `diversity'?

Whoever may be the "children of Abraham" in the flesh is a moot enough question. What is not open to debate is the fact that only they are the genuine spiritual children of Abraham who do the works of Abraham. And, upon the testimony of Jesus Christ Himself, the Pharisees of any and all times do not do the work of Abraham, but of their spiritual father the devil. Unfortunately, there are some among Protestants who take the words "children of the devil" literally, as if the devil had relations with a woman and physical children of the devil were brought forth. How would Wojtyla `dialogue' with these types? How would Wojtyla `dialogue' with those haters of Christians who are in the forefront of murdering unborn children with the blessing of the State?

We are tired, indeed, with pietistic rhetoric. It's concrete deeds that convince. So far, all we have witnessed coming from Rome, directly or indirectly, is the continuous breakdown of faith and morals.

What can we expect of Wojtyla when someone like Ratzinger mimes his master and utters statements like the following: The Jewish faith "for us is not another religion, but the foundation of our faith." Unbelievable!

But, this is the typical Wojtylian dialectic that rules in the Vatican today. Failing to distinguish the essential difference between the "Children of Abraham" and the "Children of the devil," even the otherwise brilliant German, Ratzinger, proves his ignorance of reality and Scriptural accuracy. Saying that Catholicism comes from Talmudism is like saying that Christianity comes from Protestantism. Here is the Judeo-Masonic-Communist dialectic. The unholy trinity, if you will. The unholy trinity with which Wojtyla would have us believe that dialogue is possible.

Karol Wojtyla is `dialoguing' Catholics into hell by the millions. What chance has truth when falsehood has been enthroned on the "Chair of Peter"?

We prefer to follow our Lord into humiliation, suffering and death rather than enjoy the questionable and fleeting comfort found in the complacent prattle of Wojtylian religious indifference.

The Catholic Church has always defended truth in the natural order and the supernatural order even at the cost of vicious persecution. Her glory is the glory of Truth and Justice. The guilty are always heaping insult to this pure Mother of all mankind, ever trying to shift their blame on Her. May this New Year encourage the billion souls who say they are "Roman Catholic" to return to the truth with renewed love. May they rejoin those few who bravely defend the truth against all enemies.

Only when Jesus reigns in the minds, hearts and halls of the world can there be solidarity, unity and peace for all mankind. This is what the genuine Roman Catholic Church brings to all those of good will. Wojtyla and his Talmudic-Masonic "saviors" can only lead souls into the slavery of the Antichrist.

Our hopes and prayers are that even men like Wojtyla and Ratzininger may find the courage to abandon their Modernist folly for the sake of those souls whose eternity will weigh heavily on their shoulders when the Just Judge appears.

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