Protestantism? Neo-Paganism, Satanism?

Fr. Giles O.F.M.

Ever since Adam began to name all the creatures, we have set out to put labels on everything. It is so much easier communicating when there are clear and concise labels to put on things. But, in looking at the society in which we live today it becomes rather difficult to find a label that says it all.

Where does one begin in trying to define a society that has moved so far away from God and yet, pretends to be a "Christian" nation? This United States of America has "churches" of every description. Every little town has at least two or three different "Christian" denominations within its boarders — not to mention the hidden (and sometimes open) pagan or Satanic ones. All "religions" are looked upon by the nation as equal and good under the law.

To make a fair and objective evaluation of any society, it seems the best place to look is in the schools. It will not come as a shock to anyone that our schools (both public and private) are not in the best of conditions. Granted, there are some "good" schools, but I do not think that it is unreasonable to expect many "excellent" schools in a nation that has such vast wealth and resources. The majority of the schools in this country have failed in that one burden placed upon their shoulders — educating our youth.

Why this failure? We have continually poured money and resources into education, but still have many problems. It seems that the cause of this failure should be obvious. It is not due to lack of funds, facilities, or resources. There is something more fundamental that is completely lacking — something that society has forbidden us to teach lest we offend some "belief" or "practice". This something is morality.

Secularized education is a misnomer. It is no education at all. "Intellectual education is worth little without virtue, and virtue must be supported and fed by piety, which binds men to God, inspires them with love to their fellow-man, and urges them on to noble thoughts and to noble deeds …" "Absolute indifference of the school to morals and religion is impossible. It must be either moral or immoral, religious or irreligious, Christian or anti-Christian."  (Catholic and Protestant Countries Compared)

Even a Protestant minister, Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott, (Christian Union, January 14, 1893) states: "We have insisted that the Roman Catholic critics are largely right in saying that our present public-school system is irreligious, and that an irreligious school system is fatally defective. We have maintained that life cannot be done up in two separate parcels, one labeled secular and the other religious, and dealt out at different shops; that education is worthless, if not worse than worthless, if it does not involve the impartation of the religious life; that the development of faith, love, reverence, conscience, must be carried on with the development of perception, imagination, intellect; that to develop the latter and leave the former dwarfed and stunted is a process not deserving the name of education, and will neither fit the pupils for life nor secure prosperity, nor even safety, for the Republic. The moral and spiritual nature must be developed with the intellectual."

We have abandoned morality and in effect denied it. After having decided that we must maintain "separation of church and state" and therefore having forced God out of the education equation, we have in effect made it impossible for children to learn. There are not and cannot be any objective facts anymore — especially if an objective fact becomes offensive to someone's "belief" or "practice".

Therefore everything we teach becomes an opinion. There is no longer any right or wrong. History becomes pointless because it is reduced to a series of unrelated events that are neither good nor bad. (The only exception is: We must teach that anyone who holds to objective truth is bad.) Whatever is not to the liking of some minority must be purged. So our children are fed a steady diet of "effects" which have no causes. Is there any wonder why most students find History boring?

Cause and effect has been changed to effect without cause (Most notable is the so called "evolutionary theory"!). Have you noticed how many things are "no fault" these days? There are many bad things that happen, but no one is responsible for them. At the top of the list is "no fault" divorce.

I recently heard someone relate the events of an auto accident, and tell me that it was no one's fault. "It just happened!" All logic must be thrown out the window to accommodate such thinking. This is very convenient as no one has to say, "I made a mistake" or "I was wrong". No learning comes from this event. We just pick up the pieces and continue on our merry way until it happens again — never figuring out what caused it and therefore how to prevent it from occurring again.

Step by step we find ourselves having to deny: cause and effect; right and wrong; good and bad. Our schools are permitted to relate information, but not as objective facts (Facts are merely someone's subjective perception — which has become "his truth"). So the student is forced to try and make sense out of disjointed and apparently unrelated events, which has resulted in quite convoluted thinking. They are permitted and encouraged to evaluate these events when they have no understanding of what caused the events. Thus they are encouraged or forced to use their imaginations, creating "historical fiction". Right or wrong has nothing to do with it, as long as they make sure that the "historical fiction" they create works in the events covered by the course.

The student must never blame anyone; never see anything as objectively right or wrong — subjectively right and wrong is permitted so that we can have something to say and everyone can be "right" in his "opinion".

Anyone who tries to make logical sense of history and searches for cause and effect is labeled as one believing in "conspiracy theory" and is dismissed as stupid or a fanatic.

It is time to look for some objective answers so that our children may receive an education. We need to be able to see objectively cause and effect so that we can learn from our mistakes and correct them.

The problem lies obviously in our desire not to offend, and thus in establishing and maintaining a "separation of church and state". But, where did this idea come from?

It is in essence a Protestant concept. It begins with perverted individuals attempting to justify their immoral lives. It is an attempt to say that this wrong shall no longer be wrong or this evil shall no longer be evil. It doesn't matter whether we speak of an ungovernable "religious" who wished to deny his vows to God, or a lusting king who wished to separate from his lawful wife to have another, the effect is the same. They must deny objective truth; it must be reduced to subjective "truth". Thus, they must have "private interpretation" so that they can subjectively make right any evil base passion that they wish to follow.

In order to be safe in their "subjective truth(s)", it logically follows that they must not permit any objective truths to exist. All objectivity must be outlawed and driven from the land. They must accept a policy of tolerance of all evils and perversities if they are to have their own tolerated. Thus, every pervert is in union with the idea that those who hold to objective truths and reality must not be tolerated, because they refuse to accept their perversity as true or good. Every pervert is therefore in union with every other pervert (no matter how contradictory their perversions may be) in seeking to abolish all objective truth and reality.

To label perversity and evil is offensive to those who love their perversity and evil. So Protestantism logically would have us believe that it is a virtuous thing not to offend the evil pervert and leave him at "peace" in his morally depraved state. This is something a logical and virtuous person can never do. The virtuous person who loves his neighbor is forced by his conscience and objective reality to cry out: "You are a pervert and your ways are evil! You must repent and cease your evil perversity." If he fails to do this he fails in true charity and in no way loves his neighbor, but instead hates his neighbor and assists him in his own destruction.

Now, who is the only one in this world who claims solely to have and hold objective truths, which must be believed and accepted if one is to be happy in this world and in the next? None other than the Holy Roman Catholic Church! There are no others. Therefore, all Protestants are and must be united in the attack on this sole guardian and promoter of the Truth.

Consider England and her fate after one of her kings fell into notorious perversity. To feel safe in his perversity, he had to usurp the authority of the Church (and of God); he had to banish or destroy all reminders of objective reality. He murdered clergy and religious, destroyed churches, convents, hospitals, orphanages, asylums, and schools (and therefore education). All of this, just to be rid of the idea of objective truth and reality.

We (The United States of America) have brought over from the Old World these same ideas and have pursued them to their logical conclusions, and are now reaping the objective fruits of our labor. Our education system is a failure. Children are given information but are denied education. They have knowledge of many things but they have no wisdom or understanding. It makes no difference who is the president, or how much we pay the teachers, or whether we have computers in the classroom or not. All "education" that is robbed of its ability to condemn evil and instill a desire for truth and goodness, is doomed to failure. When we are forbidden to instill virtue in the hearts of children then all education becomes a means to further vice.

A prediction was made in 1895 (Catholic and Protestant Countries Compared) "Two more generations of their own children brought up without the least sign of Christianity in their education, and the place that knew it once will know it no more. Our future society will then stand to witness the contest for the souls of men and for the coming order of civilization that will be waged between the Catholic Christ and the Secular Antichrist."

We have placed great potential and power in the hands of our students but we have failed to give them the "operator's manual". Consequently, they don't know how to use this potential and power that is now in their hands. Thus they naturally (because of fallen nature) follow their whims and passions and set out to use all at their disposal to obtain the desires of their passions — not knowing (or believing) that their passions are misguided or are evil.

Each generation then carries further the perversities and evils of the preceding one. Without any objective standards or measures of right and wrong, all things have become permissible. What one generation has hesitated to do, the next boldly carries out. Year after year we are sinking deeper and deeper into an amoral degeneracy.

How do we label such a society as ours — a society that increases year after year in: drug abuse, "unwed motherhood", divorce, conception ("birth") prevention, murder of the pre-born (abortion), homosexuality, countless other sexual perversions, and other crimes of all sorts? Is it neo-Pagan? Is it Satanic? It is obviously all these and more!

Perhaps the label "Protestant" would say it all if we understand by the term a society that is constantly protesting and rebelling against: objective reality, the True Church, and most importantly against God Himself!

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