Talmudic Khazars


If we are to judge from the constant unconscionable propaganda , one would think that nobody suffered during wars except the mongol Khazars who call themselves "Jews".

Preying on the sentiments of decent people, these unscrupulous "chutzpaniks" never seem to cease their jeremiad bleating on the one hand, and their endless beating verbal bludgeoning of those with the courage to expose their lucrative rackets.

The latest episode of this "chutzpanik" exploitation of other people's misery is the recent showing of a TV-type version of "holocaust survivors' syndrome".

This melodrama is based on "fact" but is the fruit of fiction. Obviously, there is hardly anything _ if there is anything at all _ that is not based on some kind of fact. The raw material of fiction is mined in the depths of reality. The only difference between fiction and non-fiction is that the fiction is mostly the embellishments of a subjective imagination.

This is a very important psychological aspect of our human condition. Charlatans and confidence men can only profit from the uneducated and raw gullibility of their victim's confusing fact with fiction.

Haven is supposed to be the story of Ruth Gruber "who guided almost 1,000 Jewish refugees to the United States in 1944."

Gruber is quoted as saying concerning the United States: "We were an overt anti-Semitic country."

"Every Sunday afternoon, we sat paralyzed, listening to Father (Charles) Coughlin from Detroit spewing the air with anti-Semitic trash. Congress was isolationist and restrictionist."

The TV audience's predictable dose of anti-Teutonic hatred was not missed when the Gruber woman told, Mike Hughes: "He (Hitler) promised everything to everybody" Gruber says. "And promised especially, that he would annihilate Jews." Just in passing, one might ask: How is it that a Jewess was able to study German philosophy and earn a doctorate in it if the Germans were so "anti-Semitic"? American Protestants kept Blacks out of their schools for their own reasons. If the Germans hated "Jews" so much, why did they provide them with the highest education?

Furthermore, if the Germans were so bad to the Jews, why is it that they are all flocking to Germany today?

But, as stated, this is another matter. Our interest is in examining the vitriolic vomit of this woman against a Roman Catholic priest who was warning the American people of the true fomenters of social injustice.

Did, in fact, Father Charles Coughlin "spew the air with anti-Semitic trash"?

First of all, let us bear in mind the true causes of the great depression of the early 30s. This same kind of depression is on the verge of destroying our once-vibrant economy again in our own day. "Recession" or "Depression" _ it all amounts to the same thing: People lose their jobs, their homes and practically everything they have. The banks and, of course, the bankers collect all these valuables and later re-sell them at yet another profit. This demonic cycle is starting again.

Father Coughlin was answering a crying need and, understandably, those who were the cause of the crisis and were raking in the profits from their victims would be the last to approve of their accuser. Jesus Christ had the same problem.

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the fundamental lie so often repeated by people like Gruber: On the admission of their own, these people are not Semites!

Ruth Gruber is a descendant of mongols from the kingdom of Khazaria who forcibly embraced the heretical Old Testament sect of Talmudism (erroneously called "Judaism"). The king of Khazaria chose to embrace Talmudism rather than Mohamedism or Catholicism in the fifth century. Catholic missionaries succeeded in converting a small number of these mongols despite the fact that the ruling monarchs imposed Talmudism on their subjects.

By their own admission, these people are not Semites. At best, they are descended from Japheth, the third son of Noah.

So much for the wild accusation of "spewing the air with "anti-Semitic "trash." One might accuse Father Coughlin of spewing the air with anti-Japhethic trash _ but, most certainly not "anti-Semitc" trash. Why would Father Coughlin attack his own kind _ if indeed he attacked anyone's ethnic ancestry?

Only for the sake of consistency, the word "Jew" is being used here. It is only with time that more and more people become aware of the fact that "Jews" are not the descendants of Shem, the first son of Noah.

Fr.Coughlin was educating the people in matters of truth and justice. It was the enemies of truth and justice who alone had anything to fear. It's only the fox who raided the hen house who need fear the farmer's shotgun. But, here we have the fox shouting for help against the farmer _ that's "Chutzpah".

In a radio address, Fr.Coughlin said: "By all means, let us have courage to compound our sympathy not only from the tears of Jews but also from the blood of Christians….

"Let us distil this sympathy into a program of peace _ peace, the result of order; order, the offspring of law; and law, the child of justice."

Let the entire world stand up and shout: "Yes, let us have an impartial, objective examination of the entire story of world events _ placing the cause and effect where they belong, excusing no one and accusing no one without benefit of sound, reasonable evidence!"

The world has been sinking in a man-made mire of lies, distortions, exploitive accusations that truly paralyze the populace. Let us begin with an objective examination of all those hidden elements that burst the world into flames that devoured millions who did not "survive" _ such as the atrocious fire bombing of Dresden the anniversary of which was observed on February 10 of this year. The two world wars were prepared and sparked by those who call themselves "Jews" _ according to Mr.Benjamin Freedman. And world war three is now in the making by these same people. The masquerade of holocausts is just that _ a diversionary tactic of the fox preparing to raid the hen house again.

Fr. Coughlin was accused of being an anti-Semite, a pro-Nazi and a falsifier of documents when he broadcast an address entitled Persecution _Jewish and Christian. Something that the aging Ms Gruber seems to have forgotten is that this address was occasioned by the reported atrocities perpetrated in the name of the Hitler Government of Germany against Catholics, Protestants and Jews residing under the jurisdiction of the Third Reich.

On that occasion, like many who voiced their protest against such persecution, Fr.Coughlin made his voice heard in that memorable address of November 20, 1938. Besides other things, Fr.Coughlin expressed his sympathies for the Jews and his opposition to all forms of persecution. Note well: All forms of persecution. Perhaps the fact that Fr.Coughlin recalled the persecutions of Christians in Russia, Mexico and Spain under Communist regimes and observed that there was no publicity and sympathy aroused for these victims even though their sufferings were more extensive, more cruel and more devastating than those the Nazis were accused of in Germany.

With good reason, then, would Ms Gruber resort to wild epithets against anyone who would dare to speak of objective fact. Especially when she certainly knows that Communism is the euphemistic code name for Zionism _ world rule by her kind. Especially when she knows that the bloody martyrdom of innocent people dedicated to the service of God and mankind was never so brutal as what she claims to have happened to "Jews".

It is significant that if Fr.Coughlin were an anti-Semite, he would not have invited the cooperation of believing Jews nor would he have expressed protest against the persecution of Jews.

Perhaps Fr.Coughlin's great "sin" in the eyes of these deceivers was what St.Paul said to the real Jews: "Am I become your enemy because I speak the truth?"

Fr.Charles Coughlin was the greatest and most outspoken enemy of Zionism and for that reason alone he was hated by them.

National Socialism (Naziism) was a defense against Communism. Of course, even Fr. Coughlin knew and made it a point to inform his listeners that one evil does not cure another.

But, it was necessary to expose the real cause behind the effect. Communism was the cause of Naziism. In a word, National Socialism was pitted against International Socialism. And this is why the Jews of the world got excited.

Fr. Coughlin unequivocally stated in his November 20, 1938 address and on other occasions that the German National Socialists blamed Communism on the Jews. This was not the kind of unfounded rash statement familiar to the likes of Ruth Gruber and her kind. He named names; he quoted lists of names of Jews prominent in Communism which, as he pointed out, the German National Socialist party distributed all over Germany.

Furthermore, following the typical conduct of a well-educated Roman Catholic priest dedicated to truth, he even quoted from a British White Paper and The American Hebrew magazine as corroborating evidence to show that Jews had played a very prominent part in the spread of Communism.

Fr.Coughlin's purpose was not to condemn every Jew, but rather as an appeal to those religious Jews and other God-fearing Christians to unite in opposing Communism.

It is a witnessed fact that Communist Jews even confiscated Jewish literature that was sent from the United States to Jews in Communist occupied countries. His plea, therefore, was not to condemn all Jews, but to invite the good ones to fight against a common enemy: atheistic Zionism camouflaged with the euphemistic trappings of the word "Communism".

It is equally significant and enlightening to see that following this address of November 1938, official Jewry did not join openly with Christians opposing Communism. On the contrary, Fr. Coughlin became the target of a vicious attack. He was referred to as an anti-Semite in the pulpit, the press and on the radio.

One cannot read a book on the history of Zionism without coming across the most vituperative hatred directed at Fr.Coughlin.

Besides these vicious attacks, immediately following this address, the use of certain radio stations which he enjoyed before were now denied him. It did not take long to discover that these stations were either owned or controlled by Jews. Because of this fact the entire matter became a national question involving the Jews and Father Coughlin.

Although the soul of honesty and charity, Fr.Coughlin has been pilloried as some kind of monster. This, in fact, is the tactic of the thief and liar.

Fr.Coughlin presented objective evidence proving that atheistic Jews were in the forefront of Communism. Shortly after attacks began against him, he made public several observations which we cannot present here because of limited space. At least one statement ought to be presented and thoughtfully read:

"Uncontradictable evidence gleaned from the writings and the policies of Lenin, proved indisputably that the Government of the Soviet Republics was predominantly anti-Christian and definitely anti-national.

"More than that, the 1917 list of those who, with Lenin ruled many of the activities of the Soviet Republic, disclosed that of the 25 quasi-cabinet members, 24 of them were atheistic Jews, whose names I have before me…."

When Ruth Gruber fictionalizes history and when the television networks promote this fiction as "historical fact" to millions of unsuspecting viewers, it seems time for all honest people _ especially the spiritual leaders of the people - to raise their voices above a whisper and hold these falsifiers of truth accountable.

Fr.Coughlin's message to the American people and to the whole world was a plea for objective, honest social justice rather than the hypocritical and shameful sham that is everyone's daily bread.

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