The Revelations of Margaret of Cortona

Most Rev. Ange-Marie Hiral, O.F.M.



One night when he was a young novice, Margaret's son was so sound asleep that he did not get up for Matins.

The Father Guardian went into his cell and tapped him lightly with a little rod. The youth woke up all of a sudden, began to scream, and snatched the rod from the Superior's hands. Then, regretting his rash action, he began to scratch his own face.

God revealed to his mother what had happened. The next morning, she asked the Guardian to send her son to her without delay.

Accompanied by Friar Umberto of Alverna, the novice came to his mother's cell, and with tears in her eyes she said to him:

"My soul was present last night when you screamed, grabbed the rod, and scratched your face like a child. My son, where is the concern that you should have for the Divine Office? And where is your gratitude to the Father of our salvation?"

Her son went back to the monastery, repenting his offense.

Later on, when he was in another friary, his saintly mother wrote him the following letter filled with wise advice:

"My son, be blessed by the Lord to whose service you have consecrated yourself. If for love of Him you fight bravely in His militia, I will ever remain tenderly attached to you. I will be your mother, if you faithfully observe my advice. First, I urge you, for the love of Jesus Christ, to implant in your soul profound humility and that obedience which is its fruit and, for the Brothers of your Order, a respect so thoughtful that you treat each one as is his due according to his rank. Be ever grateful for the blessings of God. Be modest, gentle, and sincere, and take care never to grumble. Avoid idle conversation with persons in the world. O my son, may your prayers be devout and fervent. Be alert and prepared for the many treacherous attacks of the enemy of your soul. Be utterly frank with your confessor. Keep nothing hidden from him. A sick man cannot be cured unless he uncovers his sores. Recite your Office reverently, without inner or outer distraction. When a friar corrects you for some fault, push back your cowl at once, kneel down, and humbly admit your mistake. In all tribulations rejoice in the memory of your crucified Savior. Submit with good will to the orders of your superiors, who are God's representatives. May your words ever be pure, holy, and brief. In all things take care not to offend God. In order to serve your Lord with a pure heart, prevent your senses from being soiled. Reread this letter often and keep it near you until you die. And strive to carry out faithfully what is in it."

The friar followed his mother's advice and lived and died in a holy manner in the Order.

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