They Just Don't Get It !


Who doesn't get what?

Well, the `who' are all those "Roman Catholics" who still think they are Roman Catholics while being nothing more than thinly disguised Neo-Protestants.

They like the `liberal changes' in what they mistakenly perceive to be the "Roman Catholic Church."

They make this false perception because they still attend the same building which they always did from childhood, or which their parents and grandparents attended. They confuse the building (`church' with a small `c') with the doctrine and discipline of the faith (`Church' with a capital `C').

Not unlike the heretics of every age, the heresy begins and spreads, naturally, among the faithful attending the physical building where the doctrine and discipline of the faith are taught and followed.

When heresy poisons the mind and leads to contrary practice, there is a visible confusion and subsequent tension. You have a condition where heresy and orthodoxy meet and there ensues what may be called the "Hegelian trinity" _ thesis vs. antithesis and its conclusion: synthesis.

In more concrete terms, we may say: The heretics spread their heresy; the orthodox (faithful Catholics) react to the heretics by upholding the true doctrine. From this confrontation come the consequences (synthesis): the heretics outnumber the faithful; the heretics take over the physical buildings and the faithful _ the orthodox _ are forced to seek shelter elsewhere because their number is smaller and they have no support from their spiritual leaders.

The faithful have no support from their spiritual leaders because the leaders have either been in the forefront of promoting the error, or have embraced the error for whatever reason of convenience.

Heresy and schism are really nothing more than two sides of the same coin. A heretic denies a doctrine of the Church; the schismatic refuses to obey the Church in Her legitimate leaders nor will the schismatic pray with those who obey the Church. In either case, there is a breaking away from the true Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

No one can call himself a "Roman Catholic" who is not in union with a Roman Catholic bishop who upholds all the teachings and discipline of the Church. Those who claim to be "Roman Catholics" while separated from the visible Church are only deceiving themselves and others.

Protestantism speaks of an `invisible' Church _ it looks to a `Jesus' Who is somewhere in the sky, while the Catholic believes in a visible Church that incarnates, so to speak, the invisible Church. The true Church is divided, only for the sake of understanding, into three parts: The Church Suffering (Purgatory), the Church Militant (the Church on earth) and the Church Triumphant (Heaven).

Although three in distinct concepts with a foundation in reality, the Church is ONE. Just as there are Three Divine Persons in the ONE God, there are three distinct places in the ONE Church. Anyone outside any one of these distinct places is outside the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, and therefore, is outside God's divine plan of salvation.

That is correct: the Muslim, the Talmudist (Jew), the Protestant, the Buddhist, the Shintoist, etc. _ any and all who are outside the one, true Church instituted by God are outside the possibility of salvation.

Among all those who are outside the `bark of salvation' and drowning in a Satanic sea are the self-styled "Roman Catholics" who have explicitly or implicitly chosen to follow the Modernist heretics.

It is these straying "Roman Catholics" who just don't get it. They just can't face the reality that these buildings that were once built by genuine, loyal Roman Catholics have been desecrated by the heresies taught there, by the mockery of false sacraments that have been reduced to fruitless rituals.

Among the surest signs of the great falling away which St.Paul foretold in Second Letter to the Thessalonians, we find the total destruction of the hierarchical order established by Jesus Christ.

This literal `invasion' of the sanctuary by women and invalid clergymen (Thus, by laymen) in place of a divinely established holy authority in the Priesthood is the most striking, visible sign of the Great Apostasy.

On the front page of the local newspaper in Rochester, NY, appears the story of laymen pretending to function as clergymen. The article suggests that the "Catholic laity fills demand" of the people because there are fewer and fewer priests.

How is it that others see what Catholics don't? And even the liberal "Catholic" sees what the other pious "Catholics" are unable to see. So much for their `piety' which is certainly not inspired by divine grace because if they had grace they would see what is taking place.

Bottom line: There is no shortage of priests; there is a shortage of Catholics who need the divine, supernatural services of real priests.


Before the Second Coming of Our Lord there must first come the GREAT FALLING AWAY (GREAT APOSTASY).

"Let no one deceive you in any way, for the day of the Lord will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition…." (II Thess. 2,3).

There are no real priests for those churches in places like the Diocese of Rochester because there are no real Catholics there.

The only genuine Roman Catholics in the Diocese of Rochester are those who hold to the true faith and are obedient to the only valid bishop of the faithful in that City, Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM.

These are the only Roman Catholics. The rest are apostates as long as they follow the apostate `bishop,' Matthew Clark, whose consecration is invalid.

Matthew Clark is not only a heretic, he is not even a heretic bishop. He is a usurper placed at the head of the perceived Church (as opposed to the real Church) and supported in this deception by all the clergy and people who partake in his apostasy. He was `consecrated' according to the bogus ritual concocted by the Freemason, Annibal Bugnini, and approved by the false pope, Paul VI.

All these things are the natural and logical consequence of apostasy from the true Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

In the Rochester, NY area, there is only one enclave of the true Mystical Body of Jesus Christ: The Franciscan Chapel and the Franciscans and laity obedient to the Religious and Eclesiastic authority of their divinely appointed shepherd.

As substantiating evidence of the above statements, we may ponder the words of one of the apostates of the false "Roman Catholic Church" in Rochester, NY, "Sister" Patricia A.Schoelles: "Almost every aspect of church life is being taken over by laypeople." (Note: "Sister" Patricia is a lay person and does not partake of the divinely instituted authority in the true Church. She is `president' of St.Bernard's Institute, the "Catholic" graduate school of theology and ministry that trains deacons and lay ministers). Of course this must be true and understandable in the light of the fact of the Great Apostasy from the true Faith. Bear in mind: All heresy begins with a denial of Scripture and its slogan is always the "need to adapt to the times."

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