May Day


May Day! May Day! _ Who is unfamiliar with this exclamatory expression? Most people, however, do not know its origin nor its meaning.

It is a code word understood by the members of that secret, nefarious Luciferian society posing under the innocuous name of "Freemasonry."

Did you ever wonder why May First is the great feast of Communism in Europe? Why the Communist governments paraded their military might under the Rothchild red flag? Have you ever had the healthy curiosity of knowing more about the reason for celebrating "labor day" in Europe, and why the last true Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Pius XII, instituted the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker to be celebrated on May First?

Even the great Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, despite all his eloquence and seeming erudition regarding Communism, was strangely silent and mute when it came to exposing the real causes for this plague upon humanity?

The Church often christened pagan festivals, using them and the ceremonies that accompanied them with an entirely new and Christian significance. Quite often, the saying "bene curris, sed extra viam" may be applied to non-Christian festivities.

Lucifer knows only too well that there must be an element of truth in every one of his lies. The same is true of his followers and devotees.

Let it be shouted from the housetops: The Roman Catholic Church is mankind's only hope for peace and justice. For this reason, the Church actively directs the focus of mankind upon the true significance of all aspects of human life. She does not condemn whatever is good in any culture, provided it does not sin against natural morality.

What is so important about the first day of May? Apart from the fact that May is the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the model of all women, both married and not, there is a demonic significance to May 1 that must be exposed, denounced and countered.

Red Army day was celebrated on May 1. Labor Day is celebrated in Europe on May 1. What is the significance, then, of this particular day? Why not just any other day?

May 1 is the day on which Adam Weishaupt completed a special task entrusted to him by the Jewish money-lender empire headed by Nathan Rothchild.

There are many code words used by a conspiratorial clique which most people fail to understand. They fail to understand these code words because these words do not have the ordinary meaning most people attribute to them.

One reason why the people are unaware of what is truly going on in the world is because these conspirators are not fools. They know how to organize and they are ruthless. For one thing, they control the mass media of communication. Consequently, information that is essential to the citizenry for sound judgments is not reported. The "news" that people read or hear each day is essentially pre-determined and carefully controlled.

Any opposition to this clique is promptly labeled by its faithful flunkies with appropriate adjectives to frighten the uninformed masses away from the truth.

These secret chameleon-like organizations change their names as soon as it becomes evident to them that the people are beginning to catch on.

The first target of this organized international clique was the Christian kingdoms of Europe, and through their destruction the ultimate destruction of their greatest opposition: The Roman Catholic Church. Once the Christian (i.e., Catholic) kingdoms were destroyed or neutralized, the rest would be relatively easy. After all, the Pope does not have a single column of troops. The Church depended upon the secular powers to defend Her position in the world. Once this secular power was eliminated, it was anticipated that the fall of the Roman Catholic Church would be merely a matter of time.

Frankly, these Zionist Jews were correct. But only to a point. They have brought about the Great Apostasy through their infiltrated agents within the Church. True, as far as the world measures things, the Roman Catholic Church has been destroyed. But, the supernatural reality is otherwise. The Church loyal to Jesus Christ and all the legitimate Popes will endure forever.

Few people know the real reason why the Jewish Communists so viciously murdered the entire family of the Russian Czar.

It was because the Czar of Russia discovered this international plot and completely torpedoed it. And, according to Myron Fagan, the intrepid anti-Communist who worked hard to unmask the Communists in Hollywood (of which Ronald Reagan was a card-carrying member, it has been said), the enraged Nathan Rothchild, then the head of that dynasty, vowed that someday he or his descendants would destroy the Czar and his entire family, and his descendants did accomplish that very threat in 1918.

Weishaupt was a Jesuit and a trained professor of Canon Law. He taught in Ingolstadt University when he defected from the Catholic Church to join the Luciferian conspiracy. In 1770 he was retained by the newly formed House of Rothchild to revise and modernize the age old Protocols of Zionism which, from the outset, was designed to give the Synagogue of Satan (as named by Jesus Christ) ultimate world domination so they could impose their Luciferian ideology upon what would remain of the human race after the final social cataclysm by use of satanic despotism.

Weishaupt completed his task on May 1, 1776. Now you know why May 1 is the great day with all Communist nations to this very day. This was the day, May 1, 1776, that Weishaupt completed his plan and officially organized The illuminati that put the plan into execution.

The plan required the destruction of all existing governments and religions. That objective was to be reached by dividing the masses of people whom he, Weishaupt, termed goyim or human cattle into opposing camps in ever increasing numbers on political, social, economic, and defense issues _ the very conditions we have in our country today.

The opposing sides were then to be armed and incidents provided which would cause them to fight and to weaken themselves and gradually destroy national governments and religious institutions. By using paid agents infiltrating every level of social activity, these conspirators have worked to establish a one-world government. George Bush, a member of this conspiracy, was the first President of the United States to actually use the term "one-world government," even though he was not the first to move the United States in that direction by the abuse of his office.

A more complete study of The Illuminati may be had by writing to Christian Defense League, P.O. Box 449, Arabi, LA 70032 requesting Special Issue 209. The price of six dollars includes postage and handling.

Man is a restless creature. Ever since Paradise was lost through disobedience to the Creator, man's existence depended upon his labor. The curse of labor was placed upon the shoulders of all humanity through the disobedience of the first man and woman. The most gruesome activities have been and continue to be employed by mankind for one purpose alone: The disordered satisfaction of one's economic security.

One element in this struggle for life is labor. Work is the name of that activity whereby everyone acquires the means to satisfy basic bodily needs.

The curse of labor was a punishment placed upon Adam and Eve and all their descendants until the coming of the Redeemer. Work became a curse only through disobedience. Before that, work was already enjoined by the Creator as a blessing.

In the beginning it was not so. God placed Adam over all of creation and commanded him to guard and protect it. And, nature would repay his efforts by providing him with all his needs. When man rebelled against God, all of nature rebelled against man.

Satan _ Lucifer- the Illuminatus of the celestial beings we call `angels' was the instigator of this disobedience against God. He and his hoards, both spiritual beings and human, continue this wicked work.

Since peace is that tranquillity that comes from right order, any promise of peace and justice on the part of Satan and his followers can only be a lie. But, it is this lie that the organized servants of Satan constantly hold up to the people as a way to free them from the curse of working.

Understandably, then, this temptation to acquire the material things for life without working is readily accepted by the indolent and parasitical elements in society. In other words, the hard-working laborer is forced to provide for the lazy and shiftless whose entire energy is expended in scheming ways to live without working.

In order to emphasize the true Christian ethic of work, Pope Pius XII instituted the Feast of St.Joseph the Worker. St.Joseph labored for his daily bread and to feed the Holy Family as a humble carpenter. It was Pope Pius' hope to restore to mankind the true dignity of labor by showing that it was God's will and design that man should work. Man worked in Paradise. Man worked in Paradise not in order to eat; but because he ate.

The providence of God gave him all that he required even before he worked. Work and play are relative terms that require the expenditure of energy for the well-being of the body and the soul.

The whole idea of labor was meant to be restored to its original place in life. Even after the redemption, however, the negative aspect of work predominates. For this to be overcome, the Christian ethic of work needs to be restored. It is necessary for preachers of the Gospel to preach on the grace of working.

Because labor is essential to man, the promoters of a Luciferian Empire contrive to control the masses through control of labor. This is the reason why totalitarian governments necessarily reduce all its citizens to economic dependence.

Pope Pius XII is hated by the Jews because he knew exactly what they were and what they were doing. For this reason, he excommunicated anyone who in whatever way supported Communism. If Communism has fallen, how can we explain that former Communists continue to be "elected" to government positions?

If there is anyone who has doubts that May 1 is a Jewish-inspired conspiracy, let the following publication awaken them:

May Day Greetings from Jewish Cultural Center. Then, the Communist agenda is repeated and ends with the deceptive wish:

For Friendship in the World

Happy May Day

The greeting was signed by the Board of Directors of the Jewish Cultural Center, P.O. Box 770037, Coral Springs, Florida

Remember that our government agency run by a Jewess made it possible to hand over an innocent little boy back to his Communist biological father to be raised as a Communist. As expected, the cause of Elian Gonzalez has been forgotten by the people. This child was the victim of Communist political expediency and a sacrificial lamb to the gods of atheism.

Will Catholics work to make May 1 something better than a Jewish-Communist Day of Victory?

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