September 11, 2001


September 11, 2001 will be a memorable day in history only because it has been made to be so.

There is no "Remember the Maine!" to whip up the lynch-mob mentality of today's unthinking masses; there is no "Remember the Alamo!" to get Americans to cheer the violent robbery of Mexican territory that would become the `great State of Texas"; there is no "Remember Pearl Harbor" that conveniently blinded the American public to objective reality. But this provocation of another nation to attack us was just typical of the kind of "freedom" and "peace" this nation seeks to impose upon all the world.

Now, we have another convenient event: the peculiar destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City. How much truth and how much fiction surround the simple fact will never be known by the public.

Certainly, there are the "heroes" who had to die in this staged event. The "good guys" and the "bad guys" had to be clearly identified for the masses so they would hate and lust for the blood of the right targets. But, of course, there had to be another "Hitler" upon whom every imaginable sin of the world could be heaped on.

We have been told by the controlled, lackey press that our lives will change from now on. Just exactly what did they mean by this ambiguous statement? Was this the ushering in of Talmudic Communism and a paranoid police State? Whenever anyone keeps shouting "freedom" it's time to stop and think. Shakespeare said it so well when he had Hamlet ask the Queen who was viewing a play where the wife was protesting that she would never marry again after her husband because of her undying love for him, the queen answered: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

The thief is always at pains to convince others of his honesty.

Indeed, the words of the prophet Jeremias will be again realized: "A voice was heard in Rama, weeping and loud lamentation; Rachel weeping for her children, and she would not be comforted, because they are no more".

These prophetic words were spoken by the prophet Jeremias. He began his prophetic vocation in the thirteenth year of the reign of Manasses (628/627 B.C.). He is one of the most suffering and noble personages of the Old Testament.

The above-quoted words are applied by St. Matthew in the Gospel written by him to the slaughter of the holy innocents by the Talmudist king, Herod, in an attempt to destroy the child, Jesus. The Talmudists (Jews) put Jeremias into prison. But the Ethiopian, Abdemelech rescued him. Later he was freed by the Babylonians and remained with Godolias, the new governor of Palestine until the Talmudists ("Jews") murdered him and carried him unwilling to Egypt. According to legend, he was stoned to death by the men he had tried so long to save.

He was of a priestly family of the tribe of Benjamin _ the same tribe from which came St. Paul. The tribal emblem of Benjamin is the wolf. The tribe of Benjamin is one of the "lost" ten tribes of Israel which seems to have been found in Europe like the other tribes. It was never "lost" _ it only changed its name with the passing of time. Today, it is known as "Lithuania".

One begins to suspect our entire education system and its real goals when people no longer use their God-given ability to think. They simply emote. This is the basic source of all confusion _ and success for the unscrupulous.

Hardly anyone has taken notice at the immediate reaction of President George W. Bush. One might suspect that his speech writers had the text prepared in advance. Suddenly, he is going to lead the world to victory against terrorism. It is now a simple equation: WE are good and some fellow by the name of "Osama bin Laden" is bad.

Then there are the thousands of Muslims living in the United States whose religion was imposed upon people by the sword, rushing to assure the superficial Americans that their religion is one of "peace" _ not violence.

Hatred for the Arabs _ especially for the Palestinians _ was deceitfully enflamed by showing news clips of Palestinians shouting and celebrating. This was meant to impress the American people that these Palestinians were really very, very evil people who rejoice at other people's misery. But, it turns out that the news clipping was from a totally unrelated circumstance dating back some ten years!

Why would the news media have to lie and deliberately inspire hatred for the Palestinians? And all this while going to great lengths to convince their victims that they really don't hate them!

We have been informed that we are now engaged in a "world-wide war against terrorism". Now, every decent person would not argue against that. The only problem is to define "terrorism" and to objectively apply the definition. Anyone who fights to protect his property may well be considered a "terrorist" by those seeking to steal it. Case in point: the "Jews" want us to believe that the Palestinians are "terrorists". But, it is the "Jews" who are the real terrorists because they have forcefully invaded another land and can only maintain their terrorist presence there with the help of Christian tax-payers' money.

If there is to be any real justice, then the first requirement would be to honestly establish the causes provoking violence. It is a natural right of every man to protect his life, his family and his land. No government has the right to give away someone else's land. The British did this when they "gave" Palestine to the Russian and Polish Communist Jews.

The solution to the Mid-East question is not to bomb women and children, but to stop supporting a bogus State called "Israel". If we speak of guilt by association _ and that is what President Bush is doing _ then we have no right to exempt ourselves from the same accusation. The British government under Tony Blair represents a Socialist (Communist) government; the British gave Palestine to the "Jews" who were the first terrorists.

The United States has been supporting the "State of Israel" even at the cost of our own people's lives (See: the cover-up of the Jews' attack upon the USS Liberty). But, "Israel" is a Communist State seeking to impose its totalitarian will upon the people of Palestine. If we are supporting Communism with our tax money and our business communities are sacrificing American jobs for cheap slave labor in Communist China _ what do we really stand for and who are we fighting and dying for? Obviously, to say it is for the "American way of freedom" is to live in Rush Limbaugh Land.

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