The Revelations of Margaret of Cortona

Most Rev. Angi-Marie Hiral O.F.M.



In her penitent love Margaret experienced an insatiable hunger for the Bread of Angels. It was above all in the mystical banquet of Holy Communion that she poured out her overflowing love for Christ.

She usually went to confession and communion every day, in accordance with a suggestion that Our Lord repeated to her several times.

However, at the thought of God's Majesty and in view of her own unworthiness, she would approach the altarrail only with great hesitation anda timidity. Fearing lest this desire of hers for communion might displease Our Lord, on account of the many sins of her past life, one day she asked Him:

"Have I offended You, my Lord, by the burning thirst which I have had to receive frequently the communion of Your Body and Your Blood?"

The divine Prisoner of the Tabernacle answered her:

"This frequent reception is so pleasing to Me that, for having advised it and for having banished your fears, I bless your confessor and director, and I will grant him a special grace."

Once when she was still tormented by further fears, her confessor ordered her to ignore them and to receive communion. Margaret hesitated, and Our Lord reproved her for thus disobeying and reminded her that she should submit in everything to her director's advice because it was Christ Himself Who was speaking through him.

Still another time God reproached her for tormenting herself too much over her daily imperfections before communion. The Lord told her that after having made a good confession she should receive communion without fear, adding that if she could not conveniently confess, she should just strike her breast while making an act of contrition.

A friar who wanted to receive communion every day, but who was held back by an exaggerated fear, once took his problem to Margaret, and Our Lord said to her:

"I have numbered this friar among My elect, and I love this blessed son. Willingly would I give Myself to him every day because of his exquisite purity. But he must correct himself in the use he makes of his tongue. Let him therefore restrain it, and then I will give him My blessing and he shall be able to receive Me when he wishes."

One day when her confessor encouraged her to receive communion, she replied:

"Thank you, Father, for allowing me to receive my Creator today, for the desire which I have now had for some time for His Presence had made me weak and all my senses were failing."

After communion Our Lord said to her:

"My daughter, now you are filled with joy, whereas before you were weeping and grieving."

"O Lord, my good Savior," she exclaimed, "this day is truly for me a day of joy — ineffable joy!"

Concurring with her confessor, her guardian angel told her:

"If you wish to receive every day the Son of God, our Lord and Creator, you are entirely free to do so. You will obtain food for your fervor, and the Lord will be with you to strengthen your soul's constancy.

Her communions were indescribably fervent, and it was mostly after receiving that her numerous ecstasies took place.

After one communion she exclaimed:

"My soul is larger than the world, since it contains You, O Lord, Whom heaven and earth cannot contain!"

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