Light and Darkness


The worst punishment God could mete out to a disobedient world is to leave it to its own devices. And that punishment is already upon us.

Man has mastered many of the mysteries of nature. This does not come as a surprise to those who already have a deep insight into the latent powers of the created universe.

While many marvel at such unheard of things, others already know that it was just a matter of time. In the divine perspective, time does not matter.

Time is nothing more than the measurement of motion according to before and after. Justly has the saner element of mankind accepted the Incarnation and begun to measure all motion according to that historic moment: Before Christ and After Christ. The childish atheist who has fancied himself to be a bigger god has chosen to ignore that tremendous event in the history of creation.

Just imagine: The Supreme Power of God that brought all things into being by a single thought: "Let it be!" _ and all things became _ and has Himself taken on the condition of His creation: God became man.

The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity did not become "humanity," as the Modernists led by the anti-pope Wojtyla would pretend. God became a single, specific human being, taking upon Himself the nature of a man.

Herein lies the great mystery: The Son of God took on human nature while still retaining His divine nature. The hypostasis, or, Person, unites the two natures unto Himself.

Jesus Christ was not an abstract concept "humanity." He is the Promised One spoken of by the prophets. He proved His divinity with miracles yet the learned of His time dismissed them with blind scorn.

This same blind and darkened mentality has persisted to the present day. Nothing has really changed. The same thing happens today as yesterday; the only difference is that it happens to different people.

The struggle of good against evil began with the first act of rebellion in heaven when the chief angel, Lucifer, rebelled against God.

Lucifer and his fellow evil angels were not cast down into hell. They were cast down to earth where their own spiritual disorder struck the earth with a resounding crash that split the whole world in two: those who aspired to become children of their heavenly Father and those who chose disobedience to the Father in an effort to usurp His authority. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of all human history.

From time to time, God has raised up people who have turned their backs upon the foibles and follies of the world inspired by a kind of divine instinct we normally call "grace."

These holy men and women have only one choice: To follow the dictates of divine grace. And if they try to resist, there ensues a painful spiritual unrest that can only be cured by a return to God's will.

Everyone in this life sooner or later must prostrate oneself in one's own particular Garden of Gethsemane and shed tears of blood while groaning at the thought of the consequences of obedience to the divine will of God.

Everyone must face that bitter goblet of suffering for the sake of God's purpose. Everyone is eventually faced with that choice: " Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass; yet, not my will, but thine be done."

We can argue all we want as to who was responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. The high priests whipped the people into a lynch-mob mentality to the point that they shouted for the death of Jesus. Not only that, but following their notion of collective guilt based on the Old Testament, they even put a curse upon their own children and their children's' children: "Let His blood be upon us and upon our children!"

Devils do enter into nations as they enter individuals. Devils do possess generations upon generations. And the cry can still be heard of the Pharisees who accused Jesus of being possessed by a devil because Jesus spoke the truth!

The devils still confound the minds of mortals by making them believe that good is "evil" and that evil is "good."

The Luciferians publicly proclaim that they are good and that their victims are "evil." What an outrage and insult to human intelligence.

While militant Muslims put on a show of peace, piety and propriety the equally militant Luciferians work hard at convincing the gullible Christians that Satan's kingdom can, in deed, be divided and still stand.

In all this insanity, there shines forth a glimmer of hope for this world gone mad. This tiny spark of sanity is still to be found where hardly anyone would suspect to look.: In the silence of the cloister. Donoso Cortes writes in his Essay on Catholicism:

"If mankind were not irremissibly condemned to see things the wrong way, it would chose for its councilors among all men, the theologians; and among the theologians, the mystiques; and among the mystiques those who live a life most separated from the world and its affairs.

"Among the many persons that I have seen close, and I have seen many, the only ones in whom I recognize an unperturbable good sense, a veritable sagacity, a marvelous aptitude to give practical and wise solutions to the most difficult problems...are those who have lived a contemplative and secluded life."

Because we have no one in our day to whom we may turn with security and certainty, we must of necessity search into the past for such a soul.

And of all the saints there is no one like St.Francis of Assisi who so perfectly imitated our Lord, Jesus Christ in His suffering and death. He fought the evils around him not with sword nor with cynicism, but simply by taking hold of himself and following Christ.

Our world may yet be saved on condition that all the ugliness of war and the shouting of mutual recriminations and accusations be silenced and peoples all over the world kneel in humble obedience to the voice of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Despite the mocking rabbi who described St.Francis as "a little man in love with a dead man hanging on a tree," this "little man" is far more powerful in the work of peace than any our age can produce.

A cynical world intent on satisfying its immediate passions and pleasures hardly knows of St. Francis of Assisi. Among these, one must lamentably admit, are millions of Catholics who have given up the faith while still clinging to the name.

This October 4 is the feastday of St.Francis. He founded three Religious Orders: The Friars Minor, the Poor Clares, and the Third Order for lay people.

More than anyone else in his day, St. Francis restored Christian values and thus brought peace to a warring world.

Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body, the Roman Catholic Church, are mankind's only hope. Every natural effort to bring order into the world is doomed to failure for the simple reason that the "physicians" themselves need more help than anyone.

It is also the celebration of Jesus Christ the King. An appropriate time to consider the social ramifications of Christ's own words: "I am a king. For this I was born. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice."

It is not the voice of Mohammed that can save the world, nor is it the voice of atheistic Zionists and Freemasons.

Jesus Christ is our only hope. Jesus Christ in His undivided, undiversified totality. We are entering the final stages of humanity's battle against the Antichrist.

Archbishop Fulton J.Sheen said it correctly in 1947: "The conflict of the future will be between a God-religion and a state-religion, between Christ and anti-Christ in political disguise."

The state-religion today is Freemasonry in the service of Zionist-Talmudism. Its cult-figure is Satan; its morality is amorality.

Every Christian worthy of the name has an indisputable duty to oppose the plans of the anti-Christs. The greatest terrorists are those who call their victims "terrorists".

Will the real "Christians" please stand up. There are 64 million "Roman Catholics" in the United States alone.

Although a goodly number of these "Roman Catholics" are minors, nevertheless, unless the grace of God is effective in them, they will grow up to be like their parents: Catholic in name only. Which, of course, is the same as saying that they are not effectively "Catholic."

No one calling himself a "Christian" may in any way support the murder of innocent people.

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