Fr. Joseph O.F.M.

Since its founding, the United States has been known as the land of the free. Individuals, whether office holders or common citizens, have spoken of the freedoms that this nation has promoted.

It certainly must be admitted that certain basic freedoms have been allowed to exist for a longer period of time than in any number of countries around the world. These freedoms include among others freedom of speech, freedom to travel, freedom to choose where and how one may live, freedom to own property and right to assembly. The gradual destruction of these rights, in part or entirely, is not denied, but is not the subject of this article.

There are other so-called freedoms, though, which have become infamous because of their decadent moral effects. It must be noted here that these "freedoms" have become infamous only to the upright, for the immoral individual applauds such debauchery.

Divorce was present in society before this country declared its independence. It was, though, outlawed in many of the states in the past. As this nation proceeded into the middle of the 19th century divorce became more widespread. By the latter part of the 20th century, half of all marriages ended in divorce.

Once divorce became acceptable, society (and therefore the morality of the common individual) began to change. Those things, which in the past, though not new, were found unacceptable because of their immorality, were now to be accepted as freedoms "guaranteed" by the Masonic Constitution or Bill of Rights.

Years ago, prostitution was openly fought. There was some attempt to close down brothels. Today very little is said or done. It has been legalized in at least two states. How many public officials have been caught with these lowly creatures over the years? With such an attitude among those who should combat the problem, do we really expect anything to be done?

Widespread infidelity and fornication also occurred, as divorce became more acceptable. When you examine these things from the perspective of cause and effect, infidelity and fornication are going to come about once the structure of society (the family) has been undermined. These two "freedoms" have become so commonplace that most every family has been affected by one or both of them. Is it any wonder that very few children understand what it means to grow up in a stable family environment?

The legality of infant murder (abortion) is the result of those selfishly perverted women or men who have lost all sense of honor and dignity. Although very few will admit it, any woman that has an abortion is no better than a common whore.

Artificial birth control is the second side of this two-edged sword. Only those who have no concern for moral responsibility would stoop to such utter depths. To consider this from another perspective, the common prostitute is more honorable than those wives and "girlfriends" that make use of artificial contraceptives, for the prostitute doesn't make any attempt to hide behind a screen of respectability.

Pornography and the abhorrent widespread "fashions" of this era are two more effects of the above-mentioned cause. All sense of sin, honor and dignity has been lost among what seems to be an ever-increasing number of both women and men. Perhaps the example of the modest and decent woman who is made to feel out of place in a crowd of scantily dressed (fashionable) and supposedly reputable females is a gauge of the moral climate today. Please note that these individuals were not referred to as "ladies" because they are undeserving of such a title.

Homosexuality is something of a late comer as far as its acceptability is concerned. In these modern days homosexuals have quickly attained significant political clout through political correctness and having a few of their own in vital positions. This sinful state, which is looked upon as "an alternative lifestyle" has quickly begun to undermine the morality of teens and pre-teens alike. Once having been accepted by society, if only through political coercion, its horrible consequences will quickly undermine what is left of society's conscience.

This brief overview of some of the more prominent "freedoms" in society today is an indication of just how perverted man has become. He thinks he is not truly "free" if he is unable to do as he desires, regardless of how offensive it is to God. The spiritual blindness has become so thick that much of society has become enslaved in such a way that it is unaware of the chains that encompass its soul. Man has chosen to follow his base passions rather than elevate himself through supernatural virtue.

There is no freedom in such a state. It is truly a pitiful state when men have no idea of the slavery which engulfs them. They wander through life as if everything is fine and there are no consequences for their actions. God will (and is) balance(ing) the scales of justice. It would appear as though He has already begun to do so in this wretched nation.

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