The Dove of the Tabernacle


1. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts, earth is full of thy glory. Glory be to the Father, glory be to the Son, glory be to the Holy Ghost (Clement XIV., June 26, 1770) — 100 days.

2. Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like to thy Heart (Pius IX., 1869) — 300 days.

3. [To be said before an image of the Sacred heart of Jesus.] My loving Jesus, in order to show the grateful love I bear thee, and to make reparation for my unfaithfulness to grace, I [N.] give thee my heart., and I consecrate myself wholly to thee, and, with thy help, I purpose never to sin again (Pius VII., June, 9, 1807) — 100 days.

4. Praised and blessed at every moment be the Most Holy and Divine Sacrament (Pius VI., May 24, 1776) — 100 days.

5. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me (Pius IX.) — 100 days.

6. My Jesus, mercy (Pius IX., Sept. 23, 1846) — 100 days.

7. To salute any one, saying. "Praised be Jesus Christ," or to answer, saying, "Forever, Amen" (Sixtus V., 11, 1587) — 100 days.

8. Sweet Heart of Jesus, be thou my love — 300 days.

9. Jesus, my God, I love thee above all things (Pius IX., May 7, 1854) — 50 days.

10. My sweetest Jesus, be not to me a Judge, but a Saviour (Pius IX, Aug. 11, 1801) — 50 days.

11. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere (Pius IX.) — 100 days.

12. Devoutly saying, "Jesus and Mary" (Sixtus V., July 11, 1587) — 25 days.

13. Eternal Father, I offer thee the most precious blood of Jesus Christ in satisfaction for my sins and the wants of the Holy Church (Pius VII, March 22, 1817) — 100 days.

14. Eternal Father, we offer thee the blood, passion, and death of Jesus Christ, the sorrows of the Most Holy Mary and St. Joseph, in payment for our sins, in suffrage for the holy souls in purgatory, for the wants of our holy mother the Church, and for the conversion of sinners (Pius IX., April 30, 1860) — 100 days.

15. For those in their last agony. O Most Merciful Jesus, Lover of Souls, I pray thee by the agony of thy Most Sacred Heart, and by the Sorrows of thy Immaculate Mother, cleanse in thine own Blood the sinners of the whole world who are now in their last agony, and to die this day, amen. Heart of Jesus, once in agony, have pity on the dying (Pius IX., Feb. 2, 1850) — 100 days.

16. Divine Mercy, incarnate in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, inundate the world, and diffuse thyself upon us (Pius IX., Dec. 10, 1866) — 100 days.

17. I adore thee every moment, O Living Bread of Heaven, Great Sacrament! Jesus! Heart of Mary, I pray thee send thy blessing on my soul. Holiest Jesus! Loving Saviour! I give thee my heart. May all know, adore, and praise every moment, always, the Most Holy and Divine Sacrament (Leo XII., Aug. 13, 1828) — 100 days.

18. May the most just, the most high, the most amiable will of God be done, praised. and eternally exalted in all things (Pius VII., May 19, 1818) — 100 days.

19. Blessed be God. Blessed be his holy Name. Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man. Blessed be the name of Jesus. Blessed be Jesus Christ in the most holy sacrament of the altar. Blessed be the great mother of God, the most holy Virgin Mary. Blessed be the holy and immaculate conception. Blessed be the name of Mary, virgin and mother. Blessed be God in his angels and saints (Pius VII., July 23, 1801) — 365 days.

20. Soul of Jesus, sanctify me. Body of Jesus, save me. Blood of Jesus, inebriate me. Water flowing from the side of Jesus, wash me Passion of Jesus, strengthen me. O good Jesus, hear me. Hide me in thy wounds. Permit not that I should be separated from thee. Defend me from the malignant enemy. Call me at the hour of my death, and bid me Come to thee, that with thy saints I may praise thee for all eternity. Amen (Pius IX, January 9, 1854) — 300 days

21. Behold, my most loving Jesus, to what an excess thy boundless love has carried thee. Of thine own flesh and precious blood thou has made ready for me a banquet, in order to give me all thyself. What is it that impelled thee to this transport of love for me? It was thy Heart, thy loving Heart. O adorable Heart of my Jesus! burning furnace of love! within thy most sacred wound receive thou my soul, that in this school of charity I may learn to requite the love of that God who has given me such wondrous proofs of his love. Amen [Pius VI, Nov. 7, 1787) — 100 days.

22. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I offer to you my heart and soul (Pius VII, April 28, 1807) — 100 days.

23. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me in my last agony (Pius VII, April 28, 1807) — 100 days.

24. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may I breath forth my soul in peace to you (Pius VII., April 28, 1807] — 100 days.

25. Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation [Pius IX., Sept. 80, 1852] — 100 days.

26. Blessed be the holy and immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary [Pius VI., Nov. 21, 1793] — 100 days.

27. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us [Pius IX.] — 100 days.

28. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us [Pius IX.] — 100 days.

29. Hail, Mary, full of sorrows, the Crucified is with thee. Compassionate art thou amongst women, and worthy of compassion is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of the Crucified, obtain tears of compunction for us crucifiers of thy Son, now and at the hour of our death. Amen [Pius IX., December 23, 1847] — 100 days.

30. O angel of God, whom God hath appointed to be my, guardian, enlighten and direct, protect and govern me [Pius VI., Nov. 21, 1793] — 100 days.

31. Guardian of virgins and holy father Joseph, to whose faithful care Jesus Christ, Innocence itself, and Mary, Virgin of virgins, were committed, I pray and beseech thee by these dear pledges, Jesus and Mary, that being preserved from all uncleanness, I may with a spotless mind, pure heart, and chaste body, ever most chastely serve Jesus and Mary all the days of my life [Pius IX., February 3, 1863] — For laity 100 days, for priests 365 days.

32. Foster-father Joseph, our guide, protect us and the holy Church [Pius IX., Jan. 27, 1863] — 50 days.

33. Remember, most pure husband of Mary ever Virgin, my loving protector Joseph, that never hath it been heard that any one invoked thy protection or asked aid of thee, who has not been consoled. In this confidence I come before thee. I fervently recommend myself to thee. Despise not my prayer, reputed father of the Saviour of men, but do thou in thy pity receive it. Amen [Pius IX., June 26, 1863] — 300 days.

34. When assaulted by temptation, say: My Queen! my Mother! remember I am thine own. Keep me, defend me as thy property, thine own possession [Pius IX., August 25, 1851] — 40 days.

35. Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; may grace be with me. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is holy Anne, thy mother, from whom, O Virgin Mary, thou didst come forth free from all stain of sin; then of thee was born Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. Amen [Pius VII., Jan. 10, 1815] — 100 days

36. The prayer of St. Bernard — Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary, that it was never known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, and sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, My mother, to thee I come, before thee I stand sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy clemency answer me. Amen [Pius IX., Dec. 11, 1846] — 300 days.

37. In honor of the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin, recalling to mind the Passion of Jesus Christ. Seven Ave Marias, with the versicle to each — Holy Mother, pierce me through; in my heart each wound renew of my Saviour crucified (Pius VII., Dec. 1, 1815) — 300 days.

38. For saying, kneeling, and at the sound of the bell, the Angelus, morning, noon, and evening, in honor of the Incarnation (Benedict XIII., Sept. 14, 1724) — 300 days.

39. For devoutly reciting the Litany of the Blessed Virgin (Pius VII, Sept. 30, 1817) — 300 days.

40. For devoutly reciting the Litany of Jesus (Pius IX..) — 200 days.

41. Three Glorias, Glory be to the Father, etc., three times, morning, noon, and evening, to thank the Blessed Trinity for the graces and privileges granted to the Blessed Virgin in her assumption into heaven (Pius VIII., July 11, 1815) — 300 days.

42. For saying, in making the sign of the cross — In the name of the Father, etc. (Pius IX., July 28, 1863) — 50 days.

43. O Jesus, who dost live in Mary, come and live in thy servants, in the spirit of thine own holiness, in the fullness of thy, power, in the reality of thy virtues, in the perfection of thy ways, in the communion of thy mysteries. Have thou dominion over every adverse power, in thine own spirit, to the glory of thy Father (Pius IX., Oct. 14, 1859) — 300 days.

44. For praying, according to the intention of the Holy Father, which intention is sufficiently complied with by saying five Paters and Aves, etc., before a representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, exposed for public veneration at any chapel or altar (Pius VII, January 2, 1799) — 7 years and 7 quarantines.

45. For adoring Jesus Christ in the blessed Sacrament at the elevation at mass, saying at the same time some short prayer (Gregory XIII., April 10, 1580) — 365 days.

All these indulgences may be applied to the relief of the suffering souls in purgatory.

We have now finished our task, which has been rather a labor of love than a task. As devotion to the blessed Sacrament on the part of the simple people was our chief object, we have endeavored to say nothing but what might be intelligible, instructive, and edifying to the poor and uneducated.

How far we may have succeeded in our feeble efforts we know not; but if only one mortal sin be prevented, or if the love of Jesus be increased only in one soul by this little work, our humble labor will have been amply rewarded. And, even if no good to others were to come of it, it was a delightful occupation for a minister of Christ, however unworthy, to meditate upon the Divine Victim that is immolated every day on God's altar.

We beg the blessing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus upon our poor offering of love.

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