We have learned to say all our basic prayers: The Rosary, Apostle's Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Acts of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Contrition, etc. Have we though learned how to pray through silent meditation so that we may hear the voice of God? Mental prayer is not just for priests and nuns, but is for everyone. The youngest of children are capable of reaching great heights through mental prayer. It is through this mental prayer that we are able to make sense out of our lives and come to an understanding of what God wants us to do.

The following pages are my humble attempt to help you practice this really simple form of prayer. I suggest that you try to spend ten to fifteen minutes a day trying to meditate on just one of these pages. Read them very slowly. You will miss much if you just simply read through, them.

Our imagination can be a very disturbing thing if we let it get away from us. This often happens in our prayers. Therefore in our mental prayers let us make use of this powerful imagination. Let us make it work for the good of our souls. There is a scene in the meditations for us to imagine. Let us go there in thought. If we get distracted let us not worry but, calmly return to the scene suggested. If we feel drawn to remain in that setting, to settle near Our Lord or Our Lady there and keep still in their presence, by all means let us do so. It does not matter if we do not get on to the section below. That will hold for another day.

What does matter is that we should go out Godwards, in acts of love, sorrow, adoration, petition, shame and confusion. Never be in a hurry to move on in your meditation. Stay as long as you like wherever you are attracted. As long as you are able to get fruit for thought or will, you are doing well. "It is not the abundance of knowledge that fills and satisfies the soul, but to feel and taste the thing interiorly." "Personal experience always cleaves more closely than what has been merely learnt." So keep tranquil and move on to new pastures only when you have given the present one a fair trial.

Remember if we want to make progress in the Spiritual life we need mental prayer, and if we want to progress in mental prayer we need to practice it every day. Spend ten to fifteen minutes a day thinking of what we have read, trying to understand and drawing closer to God. We may grow tired but let us not give up. The final reward is only for those who persevere to the end.