Immorality and the First Amendment


When will enough be enough? I mean, when will 250 million + Americans stop putting up with the creeps who mock everything that is decent and sound? Morality is not the same as immorality.

These creeps and smart-aleck buffoons get some kind of twisted notoriety by actually spewing their rotten innards on radio and television under the absurd guise of `freedom of speech'!

These filthy, immoral cretins are supported in their demonic destruction of all that is good and noble in human beings by the false application of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Falsehood has no rights just as immorality has no equal standing with morality. The one excludes the other.

The reason, I think, that so much negativism in moral matters _ natural sins against truth and goodness _ have been allowed to flourish is because Christians and other peoples with some moral values confuse indifference with `charity' and `respect' for the opinions of others.

What nonsense! I repeat: This is absolute nonsense!

First of all, it's time to get back to basic reality.

The moral law is part and parcel of human nature. Good and evil are so primary that they precede revealed religion. Basic morality comes under the heading of `natural religion' or `natural theology.'

A society is really sick that would tolerate the bums whose positive immorality seeks the protection of law and flaunts itself as if it had some basis in reality.

There can be no positive law that is valid which would give freedom to those who would mock morality by their psychologically sick and spiritually offensive conduct.

There can be no legal claim for immorality or amorality.

Man is a rational being endowed with intellect and free will. He is made in the image and likeness of God. That God exists is a postulate which is taken from the philosophical department of theodicy.

God exists _ whether the Supreme Court would arrogantly rule otherwise. Actually, there is no such thing as a `Supreme Court' if such a group of individuals rule against the sound principles of morality. Such a court is an abomination and no citizen of any country can abide by the decisions of such usurpers of authority.

All authority comes from God. Therefore, even if a Supreme Court would defend the promotion of immorality that obviously offends common decency, such a court is devoid of any authority.

What such a court has, is nothing more than the barbaric use of irrational brute force. Scoundrels dressed in the robes of noble rationality!

All morality is based on the premise that God exists and that `God' is the Supreme Being (Therefore, superior to any man-made `Supreme Court.') of infinite perfection and excellence, worthy of all honor and homage. He is the Creator of the world, man's first cause and therefore his absolute Master. God is man's ultimate end and goal, in whose possession he is destined to find consummate happiness in eternity. These are truths that are known to us through the application of sound reason.

Recently, one of those typical anti-Christian creeps, the Jew Howard Stern, had this to say on radio in Cincinnati, Ohio as his commentary on the killing of teenage students in Littleton, Colorado: He wondered why the murderers had not first raped the `good-looking girls' before they murdered them. Stern's words as reported by The Cincinnati Enquirer were: "At least if you're going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn't you have some sex?"

What is odd is that the reporter of this incident broadcast all over the Cincinnati area refers to this ugly goy as "Mr"!

This is just one example of amoral individuals paid big bucks to tear down the moral ethic that has kept this country a nation of law-abiding citizens.

There is only one solution for creeps like Howard Stern and all his emulators: Fire them! Let them get a job worthy of their talents: Something like working in a sewer.

But, keep this in mind: Everyone of us is guilty for tolerating the likes of Stern and all the `Sterns' in whatever city or town they infest. Our silence _ too often subdued by empty slogans such as `freedom of speech' _ makes it possible for these asocial elements to mock us with the assurance that the `law' will protect them from any retaliation. We don't have to repay them in their kind of stuff. We should use our power of boycott just as Stern and his gang force their perverse wills upon the populace.

I think it's time for every decent person to stand up and be counted. Let's start where every positive and fruitful effort must start: right from the bottom! Let's get to the root of the problem.

Letter campaigns to the companies that pay millions in advertisement fees to television and radio stations to sell us their products would quickly put a stop to this perversion of decency.

I keep thinking of the power of the ladies who became outraged at the high price of meat. What did they do? Alone, each housewife feels and is powerless. But, these outraged ladies got together and boycotted the meat markets. Meat rotted in the butcher shops. The ladies didn't have to strike or threaten violence; they simply refused to open their purses! I think that's just great. Let's all begin to do that. One man in Cincinnati, OH, Mr. John Varis, stood up against Stern. Let's not remain idle nor abandon this courageous man who would not be cowed by this Jewish goy.

In case you don't know what `goy' means, it is the term Jews use when they refer to us, the non-Jews: it means `cattle.' To people like Howard Stern, the people who pay his salary indirectly by purchasing the products his station advertises are nothing but `irrational animals' _ perhaps this is the reason why he and his ilk ridicule and mock our moral values?

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