Words of Wisdom

Come to the stable! There you will find Him! The Son of God became incarnate and was born in a stable. This was the first `house of God,' the first true temple of the living God. Even among all those believing people, the story told them by the shepherds merely made them marvel.

The Creator became a creature - a creature so fashioned that he was just a little less than an angel. In fact, this creature - man - was the bridge between the irrational world and the rational world: the world of matter and the world of spirit. It was first to man that the commission was given to subdue the earth and all things in it; to be master over all things and to protect all things by the use of his sound reason and God-oriented good will.

The first man, Adam, was constituted with all that was needed for his mission: endowed with natural and supernatural powers, this first man was destined to become the father of the entire human race. God fitted this spiritual being with a body similar to many of the creatures made before him. This body would be the instrument wherewith he would enter into communication with the rest of creation. All irrational nature would see in him their protector and their master. All creation trusted Adam because he represented the Lord of all creation. He was God's Vicar! He was the first among all other creatures by virtue of his natural powers and by virtue of his supernatural powers. By means of his natural powers, he would eventually enter into a union with another like himself: Adam gave this other creature similar to himself `Woman' because, he said, "She is now bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, for from man she has been taken." Furthermore, this is why a man leaves his parents and clings to his wife: the two become one flesh.

One flesh has no need for separate names. When a woman becomes one flesh with her husband, she takes his name and they are henceforth identified by the same name. This is the order of God and Nature. All things went well for a while. The two intelligent creatures, made in the image and likeness of God, were endowed with Memory, Intellect and Will - just as is found in the Divine Trinity after which they were faint copies.

Because man was to rule and be ruled by virtue of his free will, God used no force. The only force, properly speaking, would be the power of love and goodness flowing from it. The love of God was the compelling force that carried Adam and Eve to the fulfillment of their purpose. In and through their mutual love for their Creator with Whom they conversed intimately, they would love each other. They would love all creation in and through this love of the Creator because they would see His image in all things around them. Whether the stars in the sky, the trees and grasses and flowers of the field; whether tiny insect or gigantic dinosaur - each spoke of its Creator.

But freedom is a strange thing. It cannot be `freedom' if it suffers constraint. Love that is forced is not love at all. It is the greatest insult to the Creator and His creature. Right-ordered love is never a love of constraint. It is a freedom within oneself and a freedom shared with others. It is the happy order reflecting the eternal love of God within the Blessed Trinity.

Freedom and love are exercised to perfection when love freely chooses to love its object. The very dignity and power of love lie in its freedom. It dignifies both the lover and the one loved. Another word for `love' is `goodness.' Love is that peculiar power of soul that desires and seeks the good of self and others in proper order.

Again, if love cannot choose, it cannot be love. Thus, God establishes a simple choice: all of creation is for man. All, that is, except one thing: Man must not disobey God, the Creator, because in so doing he will lose that natural and supernatural grace which made all things effortless and pleasant. Only one simple act of obedience: "Of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden you shall not eat, neither shall you touch it, lest you die," said God.

This does not seem like too much to ask in view of all the good things God has freely given to His creature, man. God never really asks anyone to do things that are difficult: He would one day say: "My burden is light and my yoke is sweet." Yet, most people choose a heavy burden while searching for a light one; they embrace a bitter yoke, while hoping for a sweet one.

A simple act of disobedience to a simple request destroyed the intimate bond of love between the reasoning creature and the God of reason. Not content with all of creation except that one thing, man chose to obey his lesser partner
(taken from himself) than to obey God, the Giver of all good things.

This inversion of right order could only be righted by a return to right order. Disobedience must be overcome by obedience. Since the first act of disobedience, the world has been divided into two camps: Those who are obedient to God and those who are not.

The ultimate consequences of disobedience are separation from the Source of all good, God, for all eternity. An endless separation from the Supreme Being, from Truth and Love Itself. A separation for all time from Truth condemns to the darkness of error; separation for all time from Love condemns for all time to an existence of hate. If heaven is the possession of all good for all eternity, then hell must be the dispossession of all good for all eternity.

Hate takes on strange shadows and shapes in order to express itself. It cannot stand what is good because it is opposed to love. As St. Theresa of Avila said: "Poor Satan, he is unable to love."

Although he is unable to love, Satan is forced to ape the positive expression of love. He tricked Eve, the mother of all the living, to disobey God's simple command by making his own hatred appear as something good.

Satan contradicted God; basically, accused Him of being `misinformed' as he himself misinformed Eve while presenting himself as better informed than God Himself: "No, you shall not die; for God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." (Genesis 3, 4-5).

Thus far, man knew only good. He knew only good because everything the Lord made was good: "God saw that all he had made was very good." (Gen.1,31). How, then, could Eve believe that there was something evil to be learned through an act of disobedience? Why would she even want to learn evil? Certainly, if there is evil, it cannot come from anything that God has made because all that God made was very good.

There is a close connection between the command of God in grace-protected Paradise and the present situation in the world. Then, all things were good. There was only one legitimate relationship between Creator and creature and the high priest of this primitive religion - this bond between God and His creatures - was Adam. As the head of all mankind and of all creation entrusted to him, Adam offered praise to God. There was no need for a `` sin-offering" because sin had not entered the world as yet.

There was only one religion and one God. It had to be Catholic because it was universal. It is still Catholic because it is still universal in time and space. It is Catholic because it is one and undivided. Actually, it is indivisible because its Author cannot be divided.

Among the consequences of disobedience, the first was the breaking of the bond between Creator and creature. From here begins the long, dark night of the soul that would not lead to the supernatural light of glory, but to the even darker dungeons of existential separation from the Creator from all points of view. The only thin connection would be existence itself. For, without God's everlasting thought, every object in existence would return to nothingness.

Lucifer, the Antichrist of all antichrists, has entered in and corrupted all relationships with God. In effect, he has placed himself between God and man, takes upon himself the attributes of God and through his faithful disciples (all leaders of false religions; all heretics and all schismatics) preaches his outrageous lie: All religions are good and lead to god except one: the Roman Catholic religion!

The essential dogma of Lucifer's religion is indifference.

It is the religious indifference preached by word and example by Karl Wojytla and most eloquently exemplified at the blasphemous prayer meeting in Assisi in 1986. At this collection of antichrists, the world was led to believe that the Holy Ghost is the author of all these religions and gives them life!

Today, once-Catholic clergy and laity heed the invitation of Satan to worship at every shrine erected by him except
one: the true Church where the true presence of God is to be found!

It is permitted to become involved in any religious expression howsoever bizarre and false; howsoever at odds with the doctrines of Jesus Christ and His Church. There is only one Church that must be avoided under threat of eternal punishment: That Church outside of which we are told there is no salvation! The only church that must be avoided is the church that is truly the house of God because God is the Real Presence there.

In so many words, the apostate clergy tell their cowardly followers: You may go to any heretical sect or false religion, but you must not go to the true House of God. For, by going to false sects and false religions, you will surely die. But, if you attend the true Sacrifice of the Mass, you shall live!

Many false teachers have gone out into the world. Some appeal to the apostate heretics with their liberalism; others appeal to apostate schismatics with their conservative ritualistic externalism. Few find the stable of the twentieth century where the Real Presence of Jesus can be found.

If you seek the Son of God, you will find Him in the stable.

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