Consecration of Russia

Can the requests of the Mother of God be fulfilled through heretics, schismatics and the excommunicated?

More than that, can the Mother of God appear to and confide messages to heretics. schismatics amd the excommunicated? Are heretics and schismatics the `chosen vehicles' through whom God conveys His truths or warnings?

Such a `God' would turn any intelligent believer into a skeptic at best, and an atheist at worst. And, since the supernatural is the result of an elevation of the natural to that higher degree through grace, it follows that whatever is above the natural is the work of God's grace.

Heretics are those who have denied any part of revealed truth. In so doing, they fall from grace and fall to the natural state which is a state of nature that has been corrupted through Adam's disobedience.

All religion, it would seem, that is not a religion built on God's supernatural grace cannot possibly be pleasing to God - as St. Paul rightly says. And, since God's revelation is not made at random and free of the metaphysical bounds of truth, there can be but one true religion apart from which all others must necessarily be false.

Consequently, any truth contained in any religion outside the true one, can be nothing more than a remnant of truth borrowed from the true religion, or never abandoned when some part of doctrine caused a division and separation from the mother religion.

The essence of religious indifference is the idea that revealed truth is not at all important and that divisions among `believers' that are first based on difference of belief-content are surmountable merely by ignoring them. Since heretics and schismatics are outside the Church, would it be possible for such as these to be supernaturally obedient to the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Could, for example, a `heretic' Pope call an entire `heretical' episcopal college (all those `bishops' under him) to make what has been termed "The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary"? Could such a consecration be made (supernaturally speaking)? To prove heresy and schism is not all that impossible. What is impossible, however, is to have obstinate wills accept the evidence. The evidence is there; what is scandalously lacking is the courage to accept the evvidence.

Now, the Law of the Roman Catholic Church states that heretics and schismatics are excommunicated. This means, of course, that they are no longer in the visible and invisible Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. It is conceiveably easier to be invisibly outside the Church than visibly because heresy can be concealed for a longer period of time. But, we are talking about visible heretics. That is, those who have betrayed their inner beliefs by outward signs.

It would seem that such heretics and schismatics could not perform the requirements expressed by the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the three little children of Fatima. What this means, then, is that those who promote the "Fatima Message" cannot honestly expect it to be realised through the very people whom they claim to exhort to its realization, namely, a Pope and the College of Bishops.

If they are heretics - and we have more than ample evidence to conclude that they are - then how in God's name can anyone honestly expect the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be done by these heretics?

The French clergyman, Father Georges de Nantes has publicly declared for some time now that Paul VI was a heretic and that John Paul II is likewise a heretic. But,. Father de Nantes seems to have a blind spot as do his followers because he fails to see his own contradiction: On the one hand, he clearly condemns John Paul II as a heretic and schismatic. Yet, flying in the face of Church Law which excommunicates heretics and schismatics, Father Georges de Nantes insists on calling the man whom he has constantly condemned for heresy and schism a "Holy Father." This must mean, then, that a heretic can still be a legitimate `Pope' contrary to what the official Church teaches? It would seem that Canon Law could be regarded as the expression of the Church's official teaching in such matters. Then, what ought we to think of those who disregard this official teaching of the Church as it is expressed in Her laws? These laws cannot be arbitrary because they touch on matters of doctrine.

Among other things, the Blessed Mother promised the Fatima children that "Portugal would never lose the Faith." This, at least, is what we have been led to believe. Yet, Portugal is no different than any other country that has adopted the Religious Indifference promoted by the Second Vatican Council at the head of which and whose chief promoter today is none other than "John Paul II."

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